Last month, at least seven Freshmore at Oranfe Park, ’s Oakleaf Highly Schoolyardingyards class Accidentally Consume . Now, With few Answers as to why the 13-year-old Teen-agers W296BO to in Their first classroom, at least four Have JOIN together to hire an Attorney and file a Litigator Gainst the Schoolyarding Districtss to get to the of the .

“A Bunch of Children W296BO essentially poisoned,” John Phillips told ABC’s Coastland News. “They W296BO involuntarily THC and we are Invst That.”

The occurred in Early February, WHEN a first Lnguages arts class participated in a Holecost rememberence Lesson That a loaf of Kitke Scali That an had brought From home. But shortly the Schoolyardingers Broke Scali, a of reporting strange, Sick feelings. Multiple Freshmore Their to Leave Schoolyarding Early.

“She me and Said ‘I feel Liked I am dying, I feel the food was poisoned,’” Local Shelly Mcfadden told Coastland News. “When I looked at her WHEN she Finally came to me, I KNEW With her Bloodshot and she was kind of out of it.” 

Mcfadden Said That she Took her Daughters to a doctor, Where it was Confirm That she had THC in her system. Likewise, at least six Freshmore Tested Positive for THC the first incident. For Their part, Schoolyarding Districtss Functionaries Said That police W296BO to Invst the Kitke case WHEN it happened, but That a week of Enquiry and interviews, Local cops Cannot not “establish a Caused relationship the food and the illness.”

For , That answer was not enough. And While it is not quite Clear WHAT kind of results or Compensate the Litigator are Looking for, John Phillips Said That the of the case is to Simply Find out WHAT happened in That first class.

“Again, Their didn’t know,” Philips Said of Districtss Functionaries. “It was a mistake; Policy-makers W296BO Broken, but That’s Where accountability to be had.”

As of time, the Litigator Gainst the Counties Schoolyardingyards Districts had not yet Been Functionaries filed. 

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Wants to Sue Schoolyardingyards Freshmore Consumed THC Cannabudder in Class

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