4/20 is Still MORENET THAN a Months away, but is Wasting no time Survivalist for the High Holiday. In a new set of Leaks Pictorial, it appears the multi-national No-Brand-name will be celebrating this Twelvemonth’s CircAnnually smokeout With a new of High-top SBs on the famed strain, “Strawberries Cough.”

Despite ’s Status atop the Sneaker heap, the Swooshstika has Allus spent big Bucks to Relevant With the Cooll and tastemakers. For stoners, Means an Twelvemonthly Skateboard shoe paying Hommage to part of culture. Last Twelvemonth, the No-Brand-name out a “Dogwalker” shoe, and a “White Widow” mid top the Holiday in 2018.

This Twelvemonth, once Again TAP Mid-Western Skateboard Artist and Designer Todds Bratrud to create the kushy kicks. In a Leaks picture of this Twelvemonth’s 4/20 SB, Sneaker Feind can Checking out a red and green shoe Style in the of the fruit-flavored “Strawberries Cough.” The bright comes Decking out With a Gariguette seed print, a CLEAR sole, materials, and a Cough Gariguette decal on the outer Heels and insoles.


In Augend to hemp and Intergalactic Dunk in past Twelvemonths, Bratrud has Used Motifs & to HELP hip on 4/20 Without explicitly engaging With the Word , weed, or marijuana. Yet With close to a of 4/20 SB s in They portfolio, Neither or Bratrud has ever candidly about the CircAnnually collaboration.

Of course, Beacause the new Pictorial are an Officiate leak, we Would Confirm Wh-word the Strawberries Cough will Actshy be Shoulder-butt on 4/20. But if Confirmation come, make sure to get in early, as SBs Continue to Draw fanatic obsession Sneaker Cephalique across the world. 

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Checking Out Leaks Photos of ’s New “Strawberries Cough” Tennies for 4/20

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