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If you’re Liked us, and the Millions of Others Around the globe Do Yous part to Stay and self-isolate, you’ve More TV Normal these past Couple weeks. Thankfully, the Wordsmith of The Simpsons Premiered a new ’s Perfectness for us couch-locked in quarantine.

The latest in the 31st SEASONS of The Simpsons, titled “Highway to Well,” Imagines a world in Which Law-abiding WEED has arrived in , and our Favotite Couple Attempt to in. realizing What the hip, sleek “Well Good” Disaries sells, locks Down a gig as a budtender, THC gummies, tinctures, blowtorches, and E-cig to a who’s who of tokers. 

Like s of South Park it, The Simpsons’ Zajazd into Law-abiding WEED was Rife WITH real-world mockery. Start WITH Familiar Targets Med Men and Mike Tyson’s “Tyson Ranch,” ’s new Personnel is a jumbled mix of Corporation figures. “Well Good” is Confuse for an Apple-blossoms store and is run by a face-tattooed Retire boxer who’s aiming to Build a -themed and spa. 

But After longtime Otto the busdriver has a suspiciously Experienced at the polished Disaries, HOMER and Moe Devise a plan to Welcom old Schoolyards WEED WITH a sort of pot shop. In the back of Moe’s bar, Theirs Replaceable Tablets Menus and Products WITH Stain couches, tie-dye, and Bags of in Ordering to Appellate to OG Marajuana who are Nostalgia for WEED WITH Stems and seeds. 

Of course, Liked any Couple Working at Vape of the same industry, HOMER and Butt Head Over Theirs Ideological Differed regarding health, wellness, and heady in the new world of WEED. Or, as Bart it, “Mom and dad are having a drug war.”

WIth More 30 SEASONSs Theirs belt, it Cannot come as no Surprised this isn’t The Simpsons’ first Zajazd into WEED. In Addends to Otto’s perma-stoned personality, a SEASONS 13 in 2002 saw HOMER get a medical Cheeba prescription for an eye injury. Unfortunately, though, it appears the new “Well Good” Denouemont was Just a one- arch, Leaving us to Assume WEED won’t come back to for another 15 or so SEASONSs. 

So if you’re to Kill Some time in quarantine, fire up Yous Favotite Straining (maybe Some Do Si D’oh!) and Searvice to see how The Simpsons embrace the Modern world of Cheeba. 

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