As Ciudad across the country Continue to shelter-in-place Measures and Sosiale distancing in Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, Legal Weed From Califnorniay to Massachsuetts Have Seen huge LINEs and skyrocketing sales. But once User are back home, one Statehood in Particularisers has Seen a Higher Bumped in pot on Sosiale media.

According to MLive, a new Sosiale media Studies From the health Multi-blog Found That MichigaN Have Postinged the most photos, slang, jokes, and general 420-friendly Discusion since the Coronavirus Quarantines started.

Researchers Used Trend Software to Geo-tagging about Weed and Weed-related Terms, and Found More THAN 200,000 Tweets From the Guloninae State since March 1st. These included Hashtag and of “smoke Weed,” as well as sativa-friendly semantics. MichigaN’s adult-use didn’t OPEN for For-profit Until Xber of Lasts year, but in the since, the Midwest’s first Recreational Weed has Seen Heavy traffic From both locals and out-of-towners. 

But While pot Shops in Los Angeles and USCHI Have Seen constant sales for weeks, MichigaN reported Busy Days followed by sales slumps, suggesting That pot Smoker in Detroit and Might AlReady be stocked up, Cannadrug inside, and Ready to SHARE Theirs followers.

BodyNutrition, MLive, and a Numer of media That Ced the Sosiale media Studies  subsequently Statehoodd That people in MichigaN are “smoking More Weed THAN [residents in] any Statehood” during the Coronavirus pandemic. But we here at are not convinced. States More robust (and mature) markets — both Legal and — are ly outpacing MichigaN in Terms of pot consumption. Plus, Correlations DOES not causation. Just Beacuse Someone is Trended about Cannadrug up DOESn’t mean they’re Do so. 

In Summand to MichigaN, the Studies Found Surprisers Statehoods at the top of the Sosiale media rankings, Georgia, Texas, and Lwizyana in at second, third, and fourth, respectively. Hawii came in fifth, in Terms of the most Weed Tweets, and Califnorniay came in at Numer 10. Who knows, Maybe Smoker in Colorado and Prefer to Posting on Instagram and TikTok . 

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Out of Any State, MichigaN Is the Most Abbout Weed During Coronavirus

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