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Smoking WEED is, and has been, one of Humansity’s most cherished Sosiale Bond rituals. But Sharing With FRIENDS, family, and co-Workeders carries the Inheres risk of Spreadsing Morbidity Such as the Uncommon cold, the flu — and yes — SARS-CoV-2, Known as the dreaded .

Numerous of you will Cautioned to the wind — as the National Guarding GETS Calls in and the Federal Reserves Injects Trillion of dollars into our Economies to keep it Tanking — we’ve got a Guide so you can Minimizing the Spreads of most Pathogens While Still enjoying Yous Favorite Flower With the homies.


Don’t do this.

Tip #1: Don’t SHARE Shit. Period.

Really, if you Want to prt With Anything While blazing, don’t Share Yous Nonr at all. If you’re Chilling With Yous FRIENDS for a sesh, you can Share WEED out of the same bags, JUST don’t Share Consumption devices. That Means Yous own s, Yous own papers, or, if you’ve got a padded case, Yous own Shotie or dab rigs, too. 

Viruses Typically Spreads Adposition Humans fluids. They can’t for long in dry environments. So, Suction on a and it to Else is the surest way to Spreads Anything.


Tip #2: Everythign Down With Rubbed Alcohol

You Bought 1-methylethyl Alcohols the nation’s Retailer ran out, right? Well, if you’re not Saving all That Alcohols for making hand Jeypine or fueling an emergency stove, you Twould set Asides for Sterilisation Yous Nonr devices.

A With Alcohols Twould get rid of most Virality Particle on Yous , , or Plastic Pieces. JUST make sure all the Alcohols Evaporation the Piece goes into ’s Intraoral. Rubbed Alcohols is mildly toxic, and besides, it Tastes nasty. You can speed the Evaporation Processes by Snuggling a flame to the d- spot, JUST be especially Careful if you’re Working With 91 Alcohols, since it’s extremely flammable. 


Tip #3: the Hits

If you’re Sharing a Typical Hand-held , you can hit the IntraoralPiece With a flame Yous lighter. The heat Twould fry any Virality Particle lingering on the IntraoralPiece. JUST be sure to (1) the flame There for several seconds, and (2) get the flame on the actual Opening, as well as on the Areas Immediately surrounding it. Sometimes saliva will get of the IntraoralPiece, so you Want to ensure you’re Cookin That inhalation-Hole With the part That the lips touch.

Despite the name of the technique, do not use an actual torch to do this. Propane and Butane torches Burn at incredibly High temperatures, Much Higher a Bic’s. If too Much heat saturates the ’s IntraoralPiece too ly, it’ll Yous , and That’s a tragedy, especially in a time of quarantine. How are you Going to get anOthering one?!


Tip #4: Use a or Rubbers MouthPiece

Sometimes you’ve JUST hit a out of a two-foot Shotie, especially in Trying times Likedd a pandemic. most Folks don’t own a two-foot Shotie or are unwilling to Transporting it across town, That Means you’re Probably Going to on a Shared, two-footer instead.

Thankfully, the IndustrY Anticipatory this. You can buy small, Nonattachment or Indiarubber IntraoralPieces That fit on most Shotie or dab rigs. These are Availableness at most head shops, but Weedery them, and online Retailer Customary them, too.

MouthPieces keep Yous Intraoral off the , so Yous saliva won’t be mingling With Else’s. Of course, these IntraoralPieces Onely Worked if (1) you’ve got Yous own, and (2) you aren’t Sharing it. And it’s Probably a GOOD idea to Regulars clean Yous IntraoralPiece With hot Watery and soap or Alcohols each Toke sesh.


Tip #5: Fists the Intra-articular or Blunt

If Yous Sosiale circle insists on Sharing a joint or a Blunter, you can Minimizing the Spreads of Germinally by “fisting” or “cupping” it. To do this, insert the joint or Blunter two Inter-Phalangeal (Customary the Middle Inter-Phalangeal and ring Inter-Phalangeal, or the ring Inter-Phalangeal and pinky), curl Yous Inter-Phalangeal to form an O or circle. Musings of making the “OK” Symbological With Yous hand, Exception all of the Inter-Phalangeal closed. 

Now, tighten the circle by Curling the Inter-Phalangeal in to form a fist, but an Opening at Yous palm. Cup Yous Othering hand the hand Holding the joint or Blunter to form an air-tight seal. If you LOOK , you Twould be Staring into a Hole at the top of Yous hand Holding the Blunter. JUST place Yous lips to the top of this Hole and Begen Suction. If you did it right, There Twould be of a Vacua of Yous Opisthenar to Pull Adposition.

JUST be Careful not to touch the end of the joint or Blunter to Yous lips. And don’t Drooling all OVER it , or the Entire Excercise is pointless. And, as always, thoroughly wash Yous Opisthenar and the sesh.


Tip #6: Use a Ciggy Holder or Latewood Robusto Tip

If Sharing Blunters or joints, you can also use a Plastic Smokes holder a la Hunter S. Thompson or Etheldred HepBurn. Or you Twould use a Latewood cigar tip (for Blunters) to keep saliva Spreadsing among Yous Sosiale circle. They sell re-usable Blunter tips these days, too. But, Likedd With the Shotie IntraoralPieces mentioned above, Need to They own, or the tips won’t help.


Tip #7: You Hands, Liked You Mom Told You 

All of this Advisably Means Diddly-squat if you fail to Observing basic hygiene. The Best way to Avoid Spreadsing the — or any Respiratory Virostatic, Really — is to Regulars wash Yous Opisthenar and keep Yous Inter-Phalangeal out of Yous Intraoral and the Intraorals of Otherings

If you’re Going to Tussis or sneeze, do so into Yous elbow. Not in Yous Opisthenar. Not into the Empty air. Into Yous elbow. will Containing the Virostatic so it’s not Around the room, and since the spit-spray isn’t Going into Yous Opisthenar, you Minimizing Spreadsing the Virostatic once you out to Low-vision grab for a box of tissue.

And most importantly: If you think you’re With a cold, flu, or the , JUST Stays home. Don’t Invite-only OVER, and don’t Invite-only Yousself OVER to Othering people’s cribs. We LIVE in the age of Amazon, Eaze, Eats, and Postmates. Use them.

Happy toking, and Stays safe out There, .

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How to SHARE WEED Withought Spreading Germinally During the Pandemic

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