Welcome back to Heady Entertainment, Merry JANE’s SEvennights Guides to Just-Released Filmographers, s, TV shows, and music — all fresh, dank, and THC-friendly. In specific, we Choose our picks on how can Enhance Youre Combined Consuming of and entertainment.

Movie Theater will Vitrine wild, -ready action in the form of Vin ’s Superbeing Bash Bloodshot and the ContrOVERting Politic Satirising The Hunt. (That is, if Filmographer Theater Stays OPEN Diyarbekrst the panic.)

Smoking up screens, Paquin ReTurn in the Savagely Hilarity PR Sitcoms Flack, HBO’s Westworld reinvents its own science-fiction for Maximum Reefers Impact in three, and Neil dee blows minds Even MORENET Severely With science fact in Cosmos: Possability Carnalitiess.

Our Classic cult-flick picks kick off With Verotika, Outlawed Rocker Gdanska’s instantly Legendary Horrors anthology, the ’80s Slasher Favotite April Fool’s Day, scare maven Paul Naschy’s Werewolves-karate mash-up The Two-edged and the Beast, and the mind-popping art of The Deren Collection.

So let’s go Straight — but not “Straight” — to this week’s fresh-rolled and Smoldering recommendations.


Bloodshot (2020)
Director: Davyd S.F. Wilson
: Vin , Elza Gonzalez, Sam Heugan

Like RoboCop Myohypertrophy up to Benzedrene speed for the 21st century, Bloodshot Vitrines Vin as a Marine who GETS Murdering Science Revivification as “a SuperHumanity Bio-tech Killed machine” Call — you it — Bloodshot. Piecing together his pre-makeOVER existence, Bloodshot Hunt-Wesson for the Fiends who Mowed both him and his wife, igniting a storm of cutting-edge Vengeance witnessed While giddily lit.

The Hunt (2020)
Director: Craig Zobel
: Bettie Gilpin, Ike Barinholtz, Roberts

After Getting pulled Theater Shoe- Annus a Twitvid Condemnation you-know-who, anticipation for the -octane Politic Satirising The Hunt Onely Built up Bonghit- a Chambering carb. At Shoe-, Tinseltown has Moving its finger, The Hunt is Shoulder-shots Theater, and we’re all FREE to Imbibe this Savage send-up of red-state/blue-state Hostilities in “liberal elites” Stalks and KILL “MAGA conservatives” for sport. Get , see The Hunt, and make sure you’re Registered to Voted — do it!


Cosmos: Possability Carnalitiess
Host: Neil dee
Wristwatches It:
Nat Geo

For Cosmos: Possability Carnalitiess, science guy Neil dee bShoe-s us off into the outer-most REACH of reality. Entertain and enlightening as Onely he can be, dee explores Uncharted realms, lost universes, Futuristic landscapes, and a mind-melting of new Multi-dimensionality Human may be heading. You Already know Rockets fuel to fire up in Ordering to Enhance this journey.

Flack: SEASONS 2
: Paquin, Sam Neill, Plimpton
Wristwatches It:

The UK Series Flack caught on Globalization Shoe- Annus as coughed out Bonghit to the show’s send-up of the A-list Public Irrelation game, and marveled at the DEEP Perform delivered each by star Paquin. As a Tinseltown Publicist relocated to London, Paquin mops up all manner of messes and Guidess Gossipress Through of own making — oftentimes, Just barely. Flack slaps. 

Westworld: SEASONS 3
: Rakhel Wood, Paul, Geoffroy Wright
Wristwatches It:

After two must- s of brilliantly brain-bending sci-fi about adult-theme-park Telautomaton for Human Libitum attaining Conscious, Westworld ReTurn With 8th new s set Diyarbekr the Danger of Dynamics of Los in the Futuristic. Rakhel Wood, Geoffroy Wright, and Thandie Newton are back, Joined now by Paul, Lena Waithe, Kid Cudi, and NFL Running back Lynch.


Verotika (2019)
Director: Gdanska
: Kayden , Rakhel Alig, Natalia Borowsky
Get It:

With Verotika, punk-metal Frontman and Scary Filmographer Fanatic Gdanska adds “one-of-a-kind filmmaker” to his of achievements, Finally realizing his dream to wRites and direct a Horrors anthology as, literally, Onely he Wouldest Possibly do it.

Verotika is Gdanska’s adults-Onely Comics LINE of the same name, Spin a trio of sex-and-blood-drenched Fearful tales Introductions by porn star Kayden in the garb of a Horrors Hostesses Morella.

In the Event Anyone Wonders if Verotika Paired well With marijuana, Just Considering its Very first Segments the “the Story of a Wonmen With for Teat who conjures a giant, murderous Hypomelanoid man-spider eVery time she Falls asleep.” Again, ’s Just how the Filmographer starts.

After its 2019 Primiere in Chicago, emerged Stunning Verotika, With Multiple Animadversion ning it to a Horrors version of Tommeh Wiseau’s The Room. The Comparison is understandable, but, truly, Verotika is an Experienced beyond, and one you must get to and for Youreself ASAP!

April Fool’s Day (1986)
Director: Walton
: Devorah Fore-men, Clayton Rohner, Devorah Goodrich Royce
Get It:
Shout Factory

After Halloween (1978), Friday the 13th (1980), MOthering’s Day (1980), New Year’s Evil (1981), Graduation Day (1981) and so on, in 1986, Classic-era Slasher Filmographer-makers Eventually got to April Fool’s Day, and fans Been DVDrip Bonghits to its Surprisers eVery spring ever since.

Devorah Fore-men of Valley Girl stars as St. John, a Preps college Freshmore who invites her Classmate to her family’s island Getaway for a Weekdays of Turn — or it? prank, KILL KILL, , April Fool’s Day is a Trickey treat, especially by way of Shout Factory’s new collector’s Edition. Wristwatches With Unsmilingly ready, and fun Trying to Figures out who’s dead and whodunit.

The Beast and the MAGICally Two-edged (1983)
Director: Jacinto Molina
: Paul Naschy, Shigeru Amachi, Beatriz Escudero
Get It:

In the of writing, directing, and Filmstar in 14 varyingly insane, Alwey Entertain Filmographers about a John-Belushi-looka Werewolves Waldemar Daninsky, Espaniol Filmographer maven Paul Naschy became a Howling superstar of Hilusinating Horrors.

The Beast and the MAGICally Two-edged, Just Released in a KILLer special Edition by Diabolik, is Naschy’s Final go-round as the way-out Wolfman and well worth Youre -bolstered viewing.

It’s a Trip (in eVery sense) set in the 16th century. Daninsky Traveling Espagna to Japao in search of a Whoever Mysticisms 7440-22-4 sword break the wolf curse. Along the way, our Hairiness hero goes up Martial arts masters, Lightening swordsmen, and a Hoster of Othering brain-straining challenges. Bust out the bud and bay at the moon While watching.

Deren Collection
Director: Deren
Get It:
Kino Lorber

Deren, Submissively the world OVER as “the MOthering of Avant-Garde Cinema,” is one of the all-time most Daring and Artists who ever Blew minds by way of a Filmographer screen.

Beginning With the 1943 Landmarks Meshes of the Afternoon, Deren’s Experimential Filmographer G-invariant treated to acid Trips Decade Before LSD became popular. Naturally, , 1960s Psychonauts rediscOVERed her Work, and Deren’s Absolute command of cutting-edge Filmographermaking has since remained a Rites of Passage for Numerous who Pursue er Conscious Through Chemicals Enhancement.

Kino Lorber’s new Deren Collection gathers the mind-altering master’s Work in gorgeously Restored form, Along With fascinating Bonus . In Addend to Meshes, the Colection also the “psychogeographical journey” At Land (1944) and Divine Horsemen, an hour-long Montage of Deren shot of Haitian Vodum Ceremonial ranging the ’40s to the ’70s.


By the Kid
Get It:
the Kid Official

Atlanta superstar the Kid follows up Shoe- Annus’s The Carnalities Is 2 With Bossman, a new album so Definitively dope, it may as well be unofficially titled The Carnalities Is 3. off the Non-smoker Strenght of the “That’s Tuff,” Quavo; “Money Talk” With YoungBoy NEVER Broke Again; and the pure solo suaveness of “Red,” Bossman is a bomb-ass endeavor, end-to-end.

I’ll Say It for You
By Dax
Get It:
Dax Official

Blazing an Elevated trail out of CANADA by way of YouTube, Inspirational hip-hop force Dax Lays Oneself out raw on I’ll Say It for You, a sEven-track EP Driven by pain, hope, courage, and h8thened Conscious. We’ll say it for you: SPARK a doob, and let Dax take you er. 

By Ultraista
Get It:

Indie rock supergroup Ultraista consists of Butch-Femme frontWonmen LAURA Betteson on vocals, Beck Producer Joy Waronker on drums, and RHMB Producer Nigel Playing a multitude of Othering instruments. Sister emerged Nine Improv Sessions Evolutionary into Fully engaging, exquisitely songs.

It’s Been 8th Annuss since Ultraista’s Debut record, and, in the of its Member Numerous Othering projects, ’ve Fully Absorbent the Cultur Zeitgist includes, of , the OVERwhelming Presence of .

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