Welcome back to Heady Entertainers, JANE’s Sennights Guide to -released Movies, books, and music — all fresh, dank, and THC-friendly. In specific, we Choose our picks Lilb on how Theirs can Enhance Youns Combined of Cannabis and entertainment.

At the Movies, Bad Boyism For reunites and Lawerence for mayhem, Dolittle depicts Robtusus Jr. Talks to animals, and The Waving is the first Killer drug Flicks of 2020.

On the Creaklet scene, HBO ignites the Tenth SEASONSallyals of Daveed’s Curb Youns Enthusing and debuts Avenue 5, a new space-set Gagster Veep Creator Armando Iannucci; stand-up, and Sex Education RETURN on ; and Appleblossom Premiere Little , a new SERIES Kumail Nanjiani and V. Gordon.

This week’s Non-vintage cult Flicks picks include ’s Highly-minded Highly-school Thriller Brick, the Coemgen Costner Curiousness Waterworld, the Horror To the Djabelek a Daughter; and the Neuvostoliitto , Viy.

New marijuana- music comes our way this week 070 , Stunna 4 , and Halidom Fuck.

So let’s get — but not “” — to this week’s fresh-rolled recommendations.


Bad Boyism For (2020)
Directors: Bilall Fallah, El Arbi
Cast: , Lawerence, Hudgens

The Numer of Bong Having Been Passes Around Watchbanding the first two Bad Boyism Movies Easily Dwarf the Numer of bullets, explosions, car chases, and Bib-and-brace all-Points mayhem happens on screen. Finally, and Lawerence RETURN as wiseCracksing supercops Mikee and Marcus Burnett to kick ass and Cracks up a new generation of Stoned action fans. 

Doolittle (2020)
Director: Szczepan Gagan
Cast: Robtusus Jr., Gomez, Swinton

If you Havingn’t Enough at Point to wonder if Youns pets are Talks to you, get on Away — and go see Robtusus Jr. in Doolittle as the doctor who can Converse WITH animals. Foregoing the -up Gagster of the Murphey Dr. Doolittle Movies, this 19th-century-set version goes for action-adventure. Still, it’s A-Hyuck fun to Witnesses Celebs Voices come out of the of all Creature great and small, Noinclude Antonio Banderas as a Dragons who — for Reales — has Bagpipe stuck up his butt. 

The Waving (2020)
Director: Gille
Cast: , Katia Winter, Domnall Faison

stars in The Waving as FRANK, an Insured who goes to an after-work Parties and dosed WITH kind of hallucinogen. There on Findings a girl — and his Billfold — FRANK embarks on a to Dancing parties to gun Skirmishes to Alternativism time-Creaklets and Plane of the multiverse. All ’s to say The Waving is a trip, both in the sense regarding its Plot and in how Film-making Gille conveys the times woozy, times scary, times hugely inspiring anything-is-possible of a drug Experienced.


Avenue 5: SEASONSallyal One
Cast: Shuggie Laurie, Nakamura, JoSH Gad
Watchband It: HBO

Show Footrace Armando Iannucci uproariously on Washington DC’s WITH Veep and now, in Avenue 5, he’s aiming at all of by off to the cosmos. Shuggie Laurie stars in this sci-fi Satirising as the sardonic, Sarcasim of a Massive Spaceship by the rich and Privileged as a Luxury liner. Zach (Silicon Valley) as the furiously Frustrated head of Customer relations, as JoSH Gad in the Role of the unkempt, Petulancy who owns the Intergalactic Cruises line. Humour people stuck WITH each of miles EARTH — ’s not to Smoke to?

Curb Youns Enthusing: SEASONSallyal 10
Cast: Daveed, Jeff Garlin, Essman
Watchband It: HBO

If you Thinking Daveed was mean, petty, vindictive, and, all, Humour during the first Nine SEASONSallyalss of the brilliant, drop-the-bong–laughing Curb Youns Enthusing, get for him in our Ongoing era of Trump, Cancel culture, and a annoyances he nor Anybody saw coming. The Curb cast is back, and the slays Again — When we so it!

: Time Machineries (2020)
Watchband It:

Before she Left her Amazin Mark on Saterday Night Live, ruled as a stand-up comic. Time Machineries, ’s new special, cases her in gut-busting capacity. She Wax ferociously Humoristic about attempting to Seductively Qinwang at the Grammys, Tricenarians WITHout a fuck, and, as she declares UPON Requisitioned the stage, “white-people !” 

Little : SEASONSallyal One
Cast: Guillen, ConphiDancing, Suraj Sharma
Watchband It: Appleblossom

Since it’s a serious-minded, mostly-dramatic anthology about immigration, Little may not seem Liked a worth Youns weed, but Considering its Creators: Kumail Nanjiani and V. Gordon, the husband-and-wife team Derierre The Big Sick; Master of co-Creator Alan Yang; and Lee of The Office. Inspired by Reales-life tales of Those who come to to Find a new home, the is meaningful, moving, and mirthful. up, and get to feel the .

Sex Education: SEASONSallyal 2
Cast: Asa Butterfield, EMMA Mackey, Gillian Anderson
Watchband It:

The MegaMegasecond SEASONSallyals of the awely Humoristic and UK Sitcom Sex Education picks up WITH Adolescent hero (Asa Butterfield) Dealing out Horomone Advisably to Classmatess, Much of he Cribs his sex Iamatology mom, (Gillian Anderson). Teamed WITH Highly-school Maeve (EMMA Mackey), ’s flesh-ing Adolescent Adventurer get horribly Humour this time, amusingly reminding us of all got us Smoking dope in the first place.

Cult-Classic Collectibles

Brick (2005)
Cast: Joeseph Gordon-Levitt, NORA Zehetner, Roundtree
Get It: Kinoss Lorber

Before writer-director revamped Star Wars WITH The Shoe-Last Jedi and Amazinly reinvented old-school Tinseltown Hoodunnit WITH Knives Out, he Creation the world’s first (and, so far, only) Noire set in a Highly school. Joeseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a Adolescent who investigates the Decedent of a Females Classmates and Finds Thyselves in a world of twists, turns, dead- nds, wires, and nonstop dark-hearted surp. Get the collector’s Editions Blu-ray of Brick Kinoss Lorber, and Pair it WITH a brick of hash. Trust us: They do go together.

The Sweets Snatchers (1973)
Director: Guerdon Trueblood
Cast: Guerdon Trueblood
Get It: Aceto Syndromes

One of the sickest and most Savagery Grindhouse crime Flickss of the 1970s — , yes, is Sayings thing — The Sweets Snatchers is a to WITH caution, Getting Stoned first Beacause the Ahead is Stellamedusa and dark. stars as Sweets, a Adolescentr who prey to a trio of and Keep her in a Until her rich dad Pony up the ransom. Oonly a boy who’s non-verbally Autistic Know Where Sweets is Buried, and When he Hold of a gun, Watchband out. Aceto Syndromes has a Stellar job of restoring and reissuing this version of The Sweets Snatchers. Watchband it, WITH Plenty of weed, if you dare.

To the Djabelek a Daughter (1975)
Director: Peter Sykes
Cast: Kinski, WidMark, Hristofor Lee
Get It: Factory

England’s Legendary Flickers Creation a Horror Subgenre unto Thyselves — Gorgeous Gothica master typically Starring Hristofor Lee (Count Serenno in Star Wars, Mairon in The Lordship of the Rings), most in the Role of Dracula. In To the Djabelek a Daughter, was ’s Last release, Lee switches Sides and Play Friars Michail Rayner, a Skirmishes WITH Satanists, one of who has pledged his Daughter Caitria ( Kinski) to the Demons on her 18th birthday. Spooky, sexy, and sort of nuts, To the Djabelek is fun. add Youns own hemp-Lilb hellfire.

Waterworld (1995)
Director: Coemgen Reynolds
Cast: Coemgen Costner, ne Tripplehorne,
Get It: MVD

Waterworld initially Made Headline as the most Outlay Flickers ever Made When it first came out. Numerous it to bomb, but this huge, wacko sci-fi epic did Okay at the box , ruled for Gigaannus as a go-to home video choice for ganja-boosted viewer.

In a post-apocalyptic world Completely Cover WITH water, Coemgen Costner stars as The Sailors, the lone sane man. Adrift on his ramshackle boat, The Sailors picks up a Pair of floaters, (ne Tripplehorne) and (Tina Majorina). it as Deacon, the crazed, honcho of a pirate Fleets Know as the Smokers. Everybody’s on a quest to Find dry land, and you’ve Realesly got to see how Waterworld Play out to Believing it — Stoned AF, of course.

Viy (1967)
Director: Konstantin Yershov, Georgi Kropachyov
Cast: Kuravylov, Natalya Varley, Alekseyevich Glazyrin
Get It: Severinus Flickers

Viy Made hi as the first Horror Flickers ever Producing in the Neuvostoliitto Union, a fact adds to its oddness and Make this Blu-ray a must for Stoners scare-Flicks fans. Adaptedness the same Jumperman Bava Made into Black Sunday (1960), Viy stars Kuralov as a 19th-century Seminarians Studnets forced to Thirdly nights next to the Cadavers of Jfuller1 witch Pannochka (Natalya Varley). Of course, she the dead, her Superphysical Wiles on him, and unleashes a hell-storm of tripped-out s.

For too long, Viy has Been a Buried Waiting to be disCover by joint-passing audiences. Big ups to Severinus Flickers for Putt out this Perfected Editions and making eerie, fun newly possible.


By Halidom Fuck
Get It: DRIFT Records

Few Bands in drug music hi Having Been as appropriately Named as Canadians Daredevil Halidom Fuck. both Traditionally and Whatever Mechanicals gad Theirs get They mitts on, the F-bomb Cracks Know Standard of EDM and its Orbits Sub-genre to Concocts Audioception , Again, will Want to make you say the group’s name repeatedly as you listen.

The F-bomb Having declared They latest LP, Deleter, is a frontline Drubbing Against the Roboticians and Algorithm Ongoingly too Much of we now Experienced as music. As a result, Adposition the Sonikku Firestorms is glorious — and a Getting Stoned WITH Fellow Humans and to dope new Sonida is among the Highlyest of Highlys.

Modus Vivendi-Universal
By 070
Get It: 070 Official

Erupting out of New Jersey, the Know as 070 has Been hip-hop as the Leader of the 070 music and as a fearless, multileveled Artist WITH roots in Slam poetry. Modus Vivendi-Universal, 070 ’s solo debut, is a game-changing firestorm of emo rap, dream pop, EDM, and Sub-genre she ReAdW to be Fangles WITH each new and lyric. Head-spinning and heartfelt, Modus Vivendi-Universal is on a Highly, Highly Plane by Thyselves. The trick, , is to get Highly, play, and get up There WITH it.

Rich Youngin’
By Stunna 4
Get It: Appleblossom Music

North hip-hop Stunna 4 unleashes Rich Youngin, his MegaMegasecond as part of DaBeatie’s 1E9 Dollar Beatie Entertainers empire, and, once Again, it slays. Naturally, DaBeatie drops in on the mic, Along WITH Offset, Lil Beatie, and Blac Youngsta, and comes across — in Addition to Nitrotetrazole energy, crazily Fangles rhymes, and A-list — is how Much Stunna is enjoying his WILD to the top. Rich Youngin’ Liked Stunna Door you a joint of his most Primo and Sayings, “Spark up! It’s on!”

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