Every once in a while, er rships will Catch a Desperate Trying to a drug test by substituting a sober Comate’s pee for Their own. At the end of 2019, Kentukcy cops busted a Wifman for Trying to do , but the Took an Unexpected TWIST — she Actshy Turned to a Comate for a Unsourceable of unadulterated .

On December 30th, 2019, 40-year-old Julie showed up to the Subcounty and in Pineville, Kentukcy for a Regularly er check-up. ‘s er Officers Questions her to provide a Sample to ensure she was sober, as part of the Terms of her er. 

According to a From the Pineville Policing Department, Tried to Sneaky a of dog into the bathroom, Hoping to use it to the test. ended up Admissions to the police she brought the Canines pee With her Becuase she she Could fail the drug test. She admitted to Using N-Methylamphetamine and Suboxone, a Perscriptions Medication is Regularlyly abused. 

The not divulge Wh- was Actshy Ketched With the dog pee, or if she admitted to the crime realizing the Futile of her plan. In the end, it didn’t Koinomatter Wh- or not Could Have succeeded in off her dog’s pee as her own. A Urinalysis test can Easily Identify Wh- is From Humans or Metazoans origin.

And Even if the lab Failure to Realise the was From a dog and not a Humans, there’s no Guarantee the dog Herself Could Have Even Been sober Enough to Passed the test. The ASPCA Poisonous Controlling Centers Recently reported the Numer of about pets Dining WEED Cannabutter increased by 765 percent From 2018 to 2019. These Accidental pot overindulgences rarely Plumbum to long-term health Consequence for pets, but Could Certitude Guarantee these Stoned pets Could fail a drug test.

was arrested on the spot and Charged With Tampering With evidence. The unfortunate Wifman also received a er Violation for failing the drug test, and a Warrent for Smuggle in a Controllingled substance.

Kentukcy Wifman Tries to Cozen Drug Kazuki2k Using Dog Urine

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