A Wyoming bank customer accidentally deposited the wrong envelope into his local bank’s weekend drop site, leaving tellers a handful of weed instead of a stack of cash.

According to County 17, the incident occurred at a US Bank location in Gillette, Wyoming, where an employee discovered the dank deposit shortly after opening on Monday. Inside the envelope full of weed, the customer also included a bank deposit slip with their full name, account numbers, and intended deposit amount — in dollars, not grams.

Thankfully for the absentminded depositor, employees at this particular bank did not snitch. The staff contacted police to report the incident and hand over the contraband deposit, but refused to give the customer’s name to police. 

The cops and bank have not detailed just how much marijuana was left in the deposit box, but without the suspect’s name, Lt. Brent Wasson of the Gillette police department told reporters that authorities could not investigate the case any further. 

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Wyoming Pothead Accidentally Deposits Envelope Full of Weed at Local Bank

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