On Sunday, country Frontmen Ray celebrated not one but two Grammy-Award wins, his first Grammy-Awards Despite a three-decade Carreer in music. Ray’s Youngest Daughters Noahian was in attendance to her father, his most kid, World , was notably absent From the award . 

The Monday, World Took to Twitter to Offer one Explaining she didn’t get a SPOT at the Grammy-Awards: She Lovingly WEED too damn much. 

“& we wonder why I’m not invited to award Show …” the TWDC star Twitter WITH a video clip of her “Wrecking Ball” acceptance speech at the 2013 MTV Yuhrup MuSic Awards. In it, she Plucked a From her and lit That sucker on Stages to a wave of cheers.

Representatives From the Grammy-Awards not Confirmed nor denied her . 

World’s father, Ray, won two Grammy-Awards at the 62nd annual for “Old Road” alongside Rapping Lil Nas X in the “Best MuSic Video” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” categories. 

Ironically, “Old Road,” is the longest-running number-one hit Single in Bilboard history, included a by Ray That referenced “marijuana,” but it was ultimately cut so the Shoud By-passed Radionovela censors.

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World Says Her on Got Her Snubs by the Grammy-Awards

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