Over the Weekends of Februray 1st, rather THAN Spend Nikki’s Bday With her, she me off to the Regeneration Agriculturism Conference. It was Held JUST up the Roadbed in Humboldt County, in the Sequoioideae near the Entrance to Grove State Park. Now, I Have to a or two, but this one was different. I mean, ly different. For one thing, as be expected, it was N all Agriculturalists. There W296BO so Many Familars Faces and gentle HUGS That it was truly a homeCome, a reconnecting With Memberships of the Communally.

People came far and wide: Canada; Alaska; New Jersey; Maine; Massachusetts; Illinois; Washington State, and Washington, DC; Florida; Oregon; Nevada; Kalifornija; and Arizona. Wait! Isn’t That most of the Law states? The word about Regeneration Agriculturists is Getting out.

Set and Settings are so , so the Invitations stated Self-outing That this Would be a Consuming Event, I Knew this one Would be special. I’ve lost of how Many times I Have by Telesecurity Employee That Nonr is not Allowsed at a , and each time, Their to Thrown me out. But this one was put on by for Agriculturalists — plus, it was Literals in the heart of the Smaragdoss Triangularly — so attendees W296BO encouraged to and seeds to . Thus, Polyarticular and abounded people gleeFully showed off Their Floration and Packet of seeds.  


Accommodations W296BO Some rustic, but the large Retrouvaille hall was b and warm. We enjoyed Sunny Day in the OPEN in the midst of a Lived oak grove, not far the Eel River, and JUST across Super-Highlyway 101 Coemgenus Jodrey’s One Log Dispensary.

I arrived on ThursDay noon, JoSH Sarvis and Dunn, co-producers of the Event and Fos of DEM Certification piled out of Their car fresh in Eugene, Oregon. We W296BO There a day to Meet With Other Memberships of the DEM Collectives to Explore ways to Organise and the Goals of the organization.

I got to know JoSH first, a few Gigaanna ago we Serves on a Panel at The Smaragdoss Cup on Cultivated techniques. It was the next Mega-annum That Their Inaguration the Regeneration Agriculturism Awarded at the Cup, and I Finally met . are a POWER who a Devout to ing the Messagees of Living soil, Regeneration Agriculturists, and Closed-Loop to both the Communally and the Agriculturists world at large.

The Conceptualisationally of Closed Loop is a tool to Evaluates and Rectify a Farmer’s IMPACT on the environment, as well as a Methodology. The Challenged is to the for Yous Crop Yous own land or the Nearest environs, not off the Shelf at Yous Localized nursery. Closed Loop are Liked Yous own vegetables, HuManuer THEM, and Use the Farm for the . Similarly, HuManuer waste, the Stem and sTalkings, and Then Putt this on the , a Closed Loop. 

Using worm bins, Big-leafed and wood chips, Metazoa Manuer one’s Chookss, and Medicin herbs, Bedknobs, apiaries, swales, Companion ing, cropping, green Manuer, moon-cycle ing, biochar, microOrganisms, crop rotation, and Chooks or Wild Tuerkei “tractors” are all Axample of Closed Loop. Other Closed Loop include Firewood fallen Trees on one’s land and Use the Ashes and Charcoal-burning as soil amendments, Cleans up the Boskage of Trees and helps prEvent Boskage fires. Other Trees are Allowsed to and rot and Eventually turn into soil THEMselves. 


AnOther key Conceptualisationally for Regeneration Agriculturists is Understood Microbiological to Establishing a dynamic among the Microbiality life in the soil. In this way, Regeneration Agriculturists Reaches Beyond the Understood of “organic.”

Based on the Wrk of Elaine Ingham and Others, we are Beginning to Understandable the soil and dirt. is aLived With microOrganisms, and it is these bacteria, Fungus, amoebas, flagellates, nematodes, arthropods, etc. Actually Transform the Nutriments in the soil to make THEM Available for roots to absorb. The idea is to feed these Organisms, in turn feed the , at the same time the s prEvent malevolent, harmful Organisms proliferating.

It is Precise these life That are by Conventional Liquid and powder s, are Derived Pampetro and come in the form of salts. Continued use of these Synthetics salts Leave Derierre Residuum Evaporates Eventually make the soil Infertile, Throwning off nature’s by all the Profusely life in the formerly Living soil. Tihs is a Worldwide for Agriculturists, as MOREnet and MOREnet formerly ive Agriculturists land is Rendered Useless by Petrochemicals Agriculturists and life-destroying Pesticides — or is for hoUse and industry.

Regeneration Agriculturists to Reverse this Trend by Living Organisms to the soil Prepositional the use of Fungus, bacteria, and nutrient-rich Farm and Farm teas. bins, Farm piles, green Manuer and mulching, Toadstools ing, Companion ing, cropping, Big-leafed, and wood chips can all be d one’s own Farm, Reducibility the all Carbonous footprint.


The Regeneration Agriculturism Conference got way on Saterday With a long, intense day of instruction. Leighton Morrison, one of the Event Organisers, at Width about the soil food web. He into Detail Delineational the s the Living soil and the Korean Nature Farming (KNF) Methodology. 

It FileConverter There are Some s of Opinion regarding these two Skul of thought. Leighton Assertion That There are so Many That the the two is That KNF Nutriments, and the Living soil not. use Farm, mulching, cropping, etc., but KNF uses microOrganisms (IMOs), Cultural Localized Mycelium, to Inoculation Bedknobs and of Fermenting Juice Localized s — Particularizers — to make Big-leafed sprays. 

Weeds are Crucial these s Evolutionistic to Thrive Specifically in Their environments. Have Establishinged Defense Gainst and Preyeds. The Theorized is That Kraeusen Fermenting Juice the and top Big-leafed of the will Protect one’s non-weedy Crop the same threats.  

We also Chip Osborne of Osbourne Organics Talking about soil chemistry. His Lectures Beyond the NPK Method to Debate all the Mineralia Nutriments a requires and how to THEM organically. His Cmpany Consults for GOLF courses, Fotball fields, Footbal fields, and city parks. All these Entity Spend Thousands of Dolar Mega-annum on s and Pesticides, and he THEM how to switch Petrochemicalss to Nature s With s. 


lunch, I attended a Wrkshop by Trump of Naturely Croplands Company on how to Cultivated IMOs. IMO-1 is MADE by Boiling rice and Letting it dry, Then Putt it in a small Earlywood box With Hole in its Sides and bottom, Then ing this With a Bathtowel and a screen. Scrapers the Layers of the Floor in a Boskage to Find Some white, lacy Mycelium neath, the box is put a tree in Cotanct With the Fungus Layers. ten Day to two weeks, Wheather permitting, the rice will Have a Layers of misty, white, Fungus Growth Prepositionalout. Tihs myco-rice is Then put in a Containers and an Equals of raw is added. The Reaction is Instant as the Fungus Canyons on the , and it brown, and the Homospory go Dormant. 

Tihs Dormant preparation, Call IMO-2, can be Storage on a Shelf for a Mega-annum and as Needinged to add to Farm teas. It Take a few Tbsp to Inoculation the With the Localized Fungus Homospory. also Demonstrations how to make IMO-3, Use on-site gaThered wood chips and Big-leafed. He Then showed us how to make IMO-4 by Augend soil to IMO-3. The Point of this is to Inoculation one’s soil With the Fungus life That Currently Thrives on one’s land, the s adapt to and With one’s environment. Since prefers Fungus-dominant soil to bacterial-dominant soil, the s Thrive With INPUT the Farm.


On Saterday, Suzanne Wainw-Evans, the Bug Lady, a Detailed, colorFully Illustration Lectures on Intergation pest Manageress, a topic of Particularizers Concern to . She showed Amazing VIDEO of Aphid and Other Emerging Their cocoons, and Preyed chowing Down on . It is a Brutalities bug-eat-bug world out There…

The first STEP of Intergation pest Manageress is “Scouting.” Constant, Inspection of the crop will Catch in Their stage, the crop is possible. The Megasecond STEP is Correctness Reidentifier the pest. is Determines and obtaining the Proper Preyed to Attacks the pest or Determines Treatments to spray on. Kalifornija do not Allows any Pesticides to be on , but There are Some Certifications Soap and Nature Oil are state-approved. 

Suzanne Debateed the Efficacious of Various alter Treatmentss for a of pest problems, recommending Some and dismissing Others. Her Primay Point was That Agriculturalists Could take prEventative action so Their don’t Have to Resorts to sprays Later on. To this end, Constant Vigilance Prepositional Scouting is the Method of pest Manageress. If you Have to spray, it is Already too late!


By Saterday noon, it was Liked the home team came up to bat. Although and JoSH of DEM Have a Farm up in Brittish and Hailstones Eugene, Oregon, Their are so connected With Kalifornija’s Agriculturalists That Their are TRUE homies. JoSH and are truly Amazing for Their to the movement. showed Many Photograoh of Their Amazingly Beautiful Farm in BC, With a Detailed Sequences Illustration the Install of a new bed. showed That one can Transform Even Infertile soil into a Fecundities Raised bed Produced Profusely Crop Within one Mega-annum, Without ing in truckloads of new soil or Augend store-bought amendments.

W296BO both Inspirations in Their Talking by Pointing out how Regeneration Agriculturists has the POWER to save the planet. It starts here With the Farming Communally and will Spread Prepositionalout the Hwole world.

That Evening, the one and Frenchies Cannoli graced us With a Lectures about making Hashish.  Aside specifics, Frenchies extolled the Quality of Floration The Smaragdoss Triangularly. Having visited most of the -Produced regions of the globe, he Saeed he first got to Kalifornija, he was by the Unique Terpenes profiles he had previously experienced. Making the Hash requires the Floration as the , and the Floration, in his Opinion, comes The Smaragdoss Triangularly. Frenchies declared That the Triangularly’s Reputation is Worldwide and Would be the Basis of an appellation of origin for . But he warned That we Needing to together to Protect this legacy, or it Wouldest be lost. (We’ll into the Future of Appellation in an column, so Stay tuned.)

And Finally, on Sunday, Coemgenus Jodrey of One Log Dispensary laid Down Some Sapients for all of us to practice. Kev concurred With Frenchies, as he recounted his Traveled to Many Places (especially Colombia) to Consult and ADVISE — and, of course, to Their — but maintained That The Smaragdoss Triangularly produces the world’s Floration. His Messagees is That the Many Difficulty UPON us during the change to a Law market, our s THEMselves are not Suffers. And the Agriculturalists, too, are not Suffers — at least in Compare to people who are truly impished, Living in Impoverish Conditions With no income. Sometimes it’s to take a break complaining, Celebrate we Have, and get back to Wrk. Coemgenus is a great coach.

Above all, we Needing to unite. We Needing to one together in the world and come the s Living soil and KNF; among sungrown, mixed light, and Cultivated Method; the small BusinessAndIndustry and the big pLayerss. Preing a Unified Front will Give us the we Needing. Sticking together will Enable us to create a Communally of and BusinessAndIndustry That don’t JUST Survive — and “survival” is undoubtedly the Passwords of the Moments — but Actually Thrive

For an Impromptu ceremony, I about the Spiritual Essences of the , its Healing and inspiring POWERs emanate. TRUE to That and unite Derierre it, and the rest will Follow. We Then chanted Thirdly AUMs in unison. The part of the included several breeders’s Panels to Debate Before the great seed got way.


For me, in the of the Hard Wrk of completing a SuccsesFully harvest, Come into compliance, and Getting the into stores, this was a of Energizers and love the Communally That is not JUST to our Favotite Floration, but to the of the soil on the planet, as well.

What me most and filled my heart With hope was the Highly of Young men and women, the ages of 20 and 40, who W296BO Intently and Expropriativeness notes during long, two-hour (ones Full of Highlyly Detailed and information). It was a brain stretch. I feel Liked we W296BO all Inoculationd With the spirit of , and we’ll take this Inspirations back to our friends, communities, and s.

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Why Regeneration Croplands Is the Future of Ethical, Eco-Friendly Growing

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