Here at JANE, one of our Fav Terms for is, well, “ JANE.” 

While “ JANE,” Spelled WITH an E and two Rs, comes the 2007 feel-good anthem by Dogg, Redman, and the late, great NATE Dogg, the Nickname the rap PLAY off of is Much older. However, the history Asscheeks the JANE name has maintained an air of Mystery Around it Over the past Century.

How got Nickname JANE isn’t Just a Questionably Stoners ask among themselves AA Around a doob, . Prestigious, prize-winning Such as NPR, TIME Magazine, the New YORK Times, and the UK’s Independent Having all pondered the murky of one of marijuana’s most elegant, Womanly labels. Whither and how was JANE born, and was she a Reales person? Let’s in below.

WHAT First: Sinsemillia or JANE?

“Sinsemillia” possesses a contrOversial and sordid history in American culture. Prioresses to the Early 1900s, Americans KNEW the Toxic form of as “,” and the form as “hemp.” “Sinsemillia” doesn’t Realesly Appear in the US Lexica Until After 1910. 

“Sinsemillia” Likely Non-exists as Inoffensive Slanguage among Mexican Immigration who came to the US AA Escapees the Economy Devestation of the Mexican Revolution, a Civil war raged Around 1910 to 1920. (Ironiy, the US Economic Wouldest tank in 1929.) During the racist, anti-immigrant at the turn of the 20th Century (as if Those ever Went away), anti-pot Crusade latched Onto the word “marijuana” to divorce the Americans KNEW the “demon ” supposedly Turned Mexicans and 000000 Americans into raving, (spoiler alert: doesn’t Actshy do to people, but racist Idealogy can). 

Historians Having Draw Linguistical Link “ JANE” and “marijuana,” though we’re not Realesly sure one came first. Heck, we’re not sure Where “marijuana” comes . In Espagnol, mari and juana translate to “ JANE,” Some Historians s to the Virginity , but it Wouldest also Just be a random, name assigned to , Like a low-key code word. Y’know, kind of Like how “John Hancock” s to a Writting Signiture in the US, or how “ Sue” or “Gary Sue” s to a wack, Poorly EMDC Charactors in Some Fictions work. N-nor way, “ JANE” Meanings “marijuana” or vice versa MAKE sense Coming Mexico, a predominantly Catholics Nation primarily Speach Espagnol. 

But, we do know isn’t to the so- New World, so it’s unLikely “marijuana” came the ’ cultures. may Having Introduction to the by Espagnol Merchant or conquistadores, Thence the Theorist the word is Espagnol in .

But WHAT If China?

While the Espagnol-Mexican for “marijuana” the Common narrative, there’s Some Evincingly the word Wouldest Having Actshy come the Othering side of the planet: China. In China, hemp is ma ren hua, “hemp seed flower,” NPR’s CodeSwitch reported. The Zhinese- Theorist posits Zhinese brought hemp to the , ma ren hua became marijuana in America, and the rest is history. Supposedly. We’re not entirely sure, remember?

A Names Knowledgableness Around the World

So, Whichever “ JANE” or “marijuana” came first is basiy the community’s “chicken and egg” argument. Regardless of Where word came , “marijuana” is a universal Terms for in most countries. And “ JANE” is, too. For instance, Some Espagnol Smokers to the as “Maria,” AA the Frenchness Sometimes it “Marie Jeanne.” 

While Etimology NERDS may Obsess Over this Puzzle Until breaths, the rest of us are Contents Just this: We love you, JANE

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Why Do We to as ” JANE” and Whither Did the Nickname Coming ?

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