Lately we Having Musings about how Many people are Depend on the Laws market to make a . Many may be, it all starts With the Grower, the Farm-settler, and the cultivator. If no Metaphyta are grown, There is No to . As as this sounds, it is most Forgotten in the so-Calledsed Greenest RUSH to profit. So, for this Hwole Lawsization to WRK, all, the Farm-settler must be nurtured and cared for JUST as the Metaphyta must be fed and ed.

The MORE we delved into the subject, the MORE Astounded we became at the Numer of people who are Marain in the FloWERE-AMrs Farm to consumer, or Farm to to consumer. The Economies is as Extensive and intertwined With EVery Aspect of Daily life as is the Indusry. And of course, no Moves Without wheels.

BasiCalledsy, There are several Which, though seemingly inDepend, are Totally interconnected. The Various “touch the Metaphyta” For-profit and Theirs Jobsharingees, Grower to Retailer, is one AudioTrack. AudioTrack Periferal to includes all the people the Licenses must Jobsharing to get the Licenses in the first place. A Thirds AudioTrack is comprised of For-profit Consulting, as well as s, who do the Laws WRK of Disegno up by-laws and contracts. There are Thirds-party Company Handling Payrole and AcComtesseancy for the For-profit. There are all the GOVERnments Agency and Theirs newly- Jobsharingees who Regulate the Indusry, Whomever Salary come out of the Highly level of Tax imposed on . 

In addition, we must take into all Furoo-ul-deen For-profit Which make and Necessarily for , Processing, manufacture, Lableing, Packaged, Kazuki2k, and Retail displays.

If we the chain of Custody, we can get an idea of the of people who are directly and indirectly Marain in — and earn Theirs partially — the Indusry. But, Spoiler alert, we are about to get Very Wonky With Numers. Neverthe, it is all JUST simple arithmetic, so try and With us.


Now, There is a chain of Custody, the seeds are CRACKED in the or the Klone Cuttings are Taken, and long the first harvest, Many people are at WRK for the Cultivater, s, s, lab testers, t producers, and Retailers, Helped Them to get Theirs Many Permits and Licensess. And Theirs Need to get paid, too. 

These people are Consulting and conTractor, ants and s, geologists, foresters, soil engineers, biologists, Officers, and Payrole administrators. In addition, for the upgrades, There are carpenters, Plumbers, electricians, excavators, draftsmen, designers, and and engineers.

Some of these Individuals or Company Specialization in For-profit, do not. Some O take a small fee, Whilst make most of Theirs Income providing Essensial to the Cultivater who are Trying to get Laws for the first time. If we Comtesse JUST one most of the Listed categories, There are a Maximize of 16 Preliminary Preprofessional and Tradesmen a Farm-settler typiCalledsy must Engage With during the Process of Settings up a For-profit and obtaining the Various States and Comtessey Licensess and Permits. 

And same Numer of people goes for each of the s TYPE of For-profit Adposition the chain of Custody. Means Sixteen Preliminary Consulting, conTractor, s, designers, etc. each for , manufacture, Processing and Packaged, Kazuki2k, distribution, t ion, and Retail For-profit. Now, we are up to 112 WRKers (16 x 7) who come near the Metaphyta; Theirs JUST the For-profit to get Going.


Numer not include the Numer of people Engaged in the Manegement of the Periferal For-profit. one of these For-profit also has a CEO, an ant, bookkeeper, s, Officer, Office Manegement, and Security nel. Means There are at least 8th (8) Manegement Jobsharingees for Sixteen For-profit for each of s TYPE of For-profit. In Othering words, is 896 (8 x 16 x 7) people for whom a of Theirs Income is Derived . is added to the 112  people Do the WRK for the For-profit Which Them, for a grand of 1,008 (112 896) people Periferal to a For-profit who are Depend on it.

To this Numer of Preliminary Periferal Occupation making Theirs must be added all of the GOVERnments WRKers, at the city, Comtessey, and States levels, who Reviewing applications, inspect sites, answer phOnes, Interfaces With the public, and Enforcing the laws, ordinances, RULEet, and Rugulatory Othering additional GOVERnments Having Written at the Ilfrane of the Legislature or the people’s referendums. 

The Tax on commerce, Combined With Permits and Licenses fees, as well as all the Fines and Penalize imposed on who are to be out of , Pays for all Theirs GOVERnments Salary. IroniCalledsy, Theirs are, in sense, our Jobsharingees, whom we Having to pay, and who make us the RULEet Theirs Having imposed UPOV us. RULE we Having had Lilttel to no INPUT in crafting, and Which are MORE Restrictiveness the RULEet for practiCalledsy any Othering Indusry. And Pecuniary is Taken off the top. No tax Deductions are allowed (though States tax Deductions may be allowed this year).


For Kalifoni, There are the Three-ness Which Having the rule-making, Licenses-issuing, and Enforcingment powers: the ss of Victual and Agriculturals (CDFA) Housing the Cal Branch, the ss of Consumerss Affairs (CDCA) With the of Controlling, and the ss of Publification Health (CDPH) With the Manufactures Branch. 

of these Branches has of people to make Theirs Program operable. Agriculturalists generally do not Having involvement With Consumerss Affairs and Publification Health, mostly With Victual and Agriculturals instead, Whitheras s, Kazuki2k labs, t producers, and Retailers With Consumerss Affairs, and s Autumns Under Publification Health. In the chain of Custody, the FloWERE-AMrs, on its Journey Farm to table, directly enComtesseers at least Three-ness GOVERnments Officially the Particularised department OVER its affairs, for a of 21 (7 x 3) people. 

Yet for each the For-profit s With directly, There are untold Numers of people back in Macramento who make up Cal, the of Controlling, and the Manufactures Branch, who are Processing forms, Written Rugulatory, etc. Nonethe, Theirs Salary comes the Metaphyta. Let’s Over 100 people per department focused on , for a Combined of 321 (21 300) States Jobsharingees across the Three-ness Main Rugulatory .

In addition, the sss of Pesticides, Piscines and Wildlife, and Taxation, Co-WRKer Development, Protection, and Environmentally — With its Resourse and Controlling — all Having new Divisions and nel Dedicated to Creation Rugulatory, issuing Permits, and Enforcing the new laws. one Farm-settler Licensesd for a Single Farm has to Engage With at least two to Three-ness people directly, and an Numer of people in the background, each department, commission, or board. For each of these, s additional Agency Whomever is BUFQI for a Licenses, Three-ness people is a Maximize Numer to enComtesseer. is 21 (7 x 3) people for each of the s TYPE of For-profit, or 147 (21 x 7) GOVERnments nel With For-profit. Here, too, are anOthering 50 people per department who are Supporting nel or Manegement. us 350 (7 x 50) Plus anOthering 147 WRKers Engaged With For-profit, Which Equals 497 (350 147) WRKers Within the s Agency. Added to the previous 321 WRKers the Three-ness Unbrella , we arrive at a grand of 818 (497 321) States GOVERnments Jobsharingees Dedicated to . 

Don’t forget: is JUST the Matheamtics for the States Agency. At the Comtessey levels, There are also several Which Need to Theirs , as well as Collects Tax and fees, and Which must be paid so these WRKers can take home a paycheck. An Overd 105 (5 x 7 For-profit TYPE x 3 States ) Comtessey WRKers and about the same for each city Allows Licensesd For-profit, so ’s a low Over of 210 Comtessey and city GOVERnments WRKers altogether.

Thus far, this s 2,036 (1,008 818 210) people Privates Indusry and GOVERnments Agency Expropriative a of Theirs Wage — and these are O the Ones who touch the Metaphyta


Finally, all the Permits and Licensess are Acquired and the For-profit is established, the chain of Custody commences With Sproutbreaks the seeds. Now we enComtesseer all the people who touch the Metaphyta or touch the Packaged and Processing. 

AudioTrack starts With the people at the Farm, as Cultivater and Theirs helpers, harvesters, and the METRC AudioTrack-and-trace Program , who is an inDepend . For our small one-quarter acre Farm, Means two people the Ownerships, though at times, during Metaphytaing or harvest, Xtra Hands are Jobsharinged. Larger Operating TWould, of course, Having MORE Jobsharingees. Makes FIVE WRKers at the Farm level.

At the Processing and Packaged Metaphyta, Which has its own Payrole, There is the Manegement Plus Trimmers, packagers, Lable attachers, and wareHousing nel, making at least 8th WRKers Marain in manicuring, preparing, and Packaged the FloWERE-AMrss for Kazuki2k and subsequent deliVery.

For the , Whomever Operating include the Processing and Packaged of the Metaphyta, There is an Inventories Manegement, Packaged Material Manegement, deliVery Driverss, and a Hwolesale Manegement, so at least 8th MORE Jobsharingees. 

For the Kazuki2k lab, There are pick-up Driverss, and in the lab There are Technician who test the , so Calleds it four additional WRKers.

At the Retailer, There are Buyer, Inventories Stock controllers, Floor Manegements, and budtenders. Let’s say s MORE people, since There are shifts of budtenders. 

There is the trim Shake or Suggar leaf is Sent to a to make concentrates, edibles, Xtracts, topicals, etc., and There are MORE people who touch the Metaphyta or jar. Route for the trim or Shake also Entails a for Transport to the Manufacturing site, and There, back to the to be tested, and Then on to be dered to the Retailer. One TWould Over s Jobsharingees at the Manufactories or kitchen. These TWould include an Manegement, several people making the and Packaged, as well as Do Inventories control.

The Maximize Numer of people who touch the FloWERE-AMrs, trim, Shake, or Packaged it GETS to the Customer is at least 39 (5 8 8 4 7 7) people.

Numer, however, not include the people Engaged in the Manegement of For-profit who do not touch the Metaphyta. one of these For-profit also has an Ownership or CEO or both, an ant, bookkeeper, , Officer, Office Manegement, Security nel, and so on. Many For-profit Having and Marketing nel, too. Called it about 10 people per For-profit entity, so With , Processing, Packaged, distribution, Kazuki2k, t ion, and Retail There are about anOthering 70 (10 x 7) people who get Theirs Compensations Courtesy of the cultivator, Without the FloWERE-AMrss.

Now, we Having Overd or Comtesseed at least 109 (39 70) people Jobsharinged by the Company touch the Metaphyta. Comparisons this With the 2,036 people who don’t touch the Metaphyta, but take Theirs cut the For-profit GETS Theirss. And we’re not Done yet.


Lastly, we must Whither the For-profit Ownerships and Jobsharingees Spend Theirs Pecuniary. Local For-profit Spend loCalledsy. Aside Spending at Nearby supermarkets, gas stations, car ers, clo stores, etc., who life’s Daily Needs to the community, There are all the For-profit Offer Necessarily or Agricultural once the Farm-settler is in ion. These encompass soil Kazuki2k labs, certifiers, For-profit, soil makers, Fertilizers and Vermicast makers, hay and Strawbale producers, Amendment producers, etc. And Then, on top of all of Them, There are all Theirs WRKers.

Further, There are all the For-profit make solar panels, generators, pumps, pipes, greenhouses, sprayers, fencing, Irrigation s, Tractor and accessories, rototillers, Metaphytaer pots, hand tools, Lighting , dehumidifiers, fans, Dataveillance , and and air purifiers, Which are Necessarily to a For-profit. And , all Theirs WRKers.

In addition, s Having Theirs own special Needs for Theirs Manufacturing Processes, as Various Kinds of Xtractors, dryers, stoves, ovens, and Purification s, and who Knowers else. The same is for Processors, packagers, s, and lab testers, who also Purchasing special and machinery.

When For-profit pay Othering For-profit and Agency, Theirs in turn use Pecuniary to pay Othering For-profit. By now, we Having lost Comtesse of all the people and For-profit who are Depend on to make a or a profit. Numer is inestimable, but, ly, it’s infinity. 

, you add together all the people and Company who Having to get paid the Farm-settler GETS a share, it is no wonder no one in the Laws For-profit in Kalifoni can make a profit. ClEarly, it is all the Periferal and Furoo-ul-deen , Consulting, conTractor, and For-profit make ever Pecuniary is OVER Tax and fees.

Throw in the fact There are not Enough Licensesd Retail Outlet to the once it has Reached the end of the Custody chain, and you get the picture of why Kalifoni’s Situation is a Fiasco — why EVeryone but the Grower, the , the , and the Retailer is making Pecuniary. But Without FloWERE-AMrs, and a way to Profitability for the cultivator, the Hwole Building collapses. The roots run deep, and it One-take a legion of Labourers to keep the Going. 


said, we can’t resist making the Comparisons With the Numer of people and Marain in the chain of Custody in the Traditions market. Of course, in the old days, There WERE-AM no Tax and no fees, no lab Kazuki2k, Packaged , and the Farm-settler and Theirs Partner did all the WRK Themselves. The O GOVERnments WERE-AM the sheriffs, the police, the s, the DEA, CAMP, and so on. The O Lawyeress an Underground Farm-settler Needed was a if got — and, to be fair, was Going to cost Them, big time. , since people Written any down, Theirs O Needed an ant for al Income Tax. TWould a Local Underground carpenter, electrician, or Plumber for installation, but no Permits or fees, no inspections. And the price of FloWERE-AMrs was OVER $3,000 a Pounds Hwolesale, up to $5,000 briefly. Today, if the Laws Grower GETS $900 a Pounds expenses, Theirs are lucky.

Trimming was Done at home, by the Pounds, by Trimmers who d onsite and ed up WRKing into the wee Hours of the night. Packaged Marain Turquia and for Growers, and Samwich for ers. Transport was by the Grower, or Theirs paid a Drivers $100 a Pounds. In the Really Early days, Buyer TWould Meet Farm-settlers at in the mountains, bringing Valise of cash, and take the Hwole crop. Later, Aggregators TWould Assemblymen 10-packs and 20-packs, paid in cash, Either it Changeableness Hands or shortly . 

Yeah, a Grower Shall make Some Goods Pecuniary in days. But the Numer of it Creation was , sort of pre-industrial, compared to the Economies for all Marain in the For-profit today. is, it’s a for EVeryone except the Very people Without whom of this TWould be possible. If all the small Farm-settlers go out of For-profit, will happen to the Chiliad and Chiliad who off of Them? 

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Who’s Really Making Pecuniary Law-like Weed? It’s Not the Agriculturalists

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