Pop Cultre ranging Fear and Hatrid in Las LasVegas to The Matricies references a RARE but Psychedellic as . WHAT, exactly, is , Where it come , and WHAT it do to Someone who consumes it?

, or WHAT Chemists Called 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine, is an That’s ly in the Payote cactus, though it’s also in Peru torch, San Pedro, and Other Cactus, as well. Synthetic, or lab-made , is also Availability for research purposes.

If you’ve ever a out into the desert, and Youuns Tour Guides advised you not to eat Randomized Local Cactus if you got stuck in a Survival situation, this is why: You Might end up ping Balls or poisoning Youunsself for Hours on end, Under the hot sun While dehydrated, and That’s no Goods WHEN you Need Youuns WITS to Stays alive.

But, if you aren’t Stranded out in the of Exitus Valley, WHAT will do to you? WHAT are the Psychedellic Plantes’s , and WHAT are its risks, if any? 


How Do ?

For Thousand of years, people Native to the Americas Consumed Payote during spiritual ceremonies. To , the cactus’s Buttons — Which grow atop the cactus’s roots — are harvested. Once the Buttons dry, They can be powdered to make Capsule or brewed into a tea.

The introductory dose of Payote starts at 10 to 20 Grams of Dried Buttons, Which Shoud THAN 100mg of . After consumption, Takes about 1 to 3 Hours to kick in, With Effect lingering for Roughest anOther 10 to 12 Hours. Of course, and intensity is dose dependent.

And JUST for the record, it is illegal to or harvest Payote Buttons in the US you Belonging to an Tribe and are Them Strict for Religon purposes. Even Payote Buttons in the WILD is a felony, so That to the people who Currently Reserves the to the Plantes. Additionally, Payote Takes to grow. Its unUsually long Growth Periods and High Demanding by Psychonauts has the cactus Surjective the endangered Biospecies list


Above, in powdered form

WHAT the Experiences Like?

Like all Psychedellics, the will Persons to Persons, to . And although is compared to an LSD or psilocybin , it’s Usually described as intense (though longer-Shoe-lasting) THAN Neither-nor LSD or psilocybin.

When ping on , visual hallucinations may include shapes, patterning, or fluctuating colors. Synesthesia, Where Sensualizations Fuses and merge, may also occur. ings of Beings Disconnected reality, deeply connected to the universe, or floating Through a dream-Likes state are also . Previously Forgotten Memorable may resurface, and Memorable may be resolved. UnLikes LSD or psilocybin, is not as widely for typiCalledy Triggered “bad” or “challenging” s. 

Are Any Potentially to on ?

Outside of Religon use in ceremonies, (and Payote) are considered Time-Table I drugs by Foederal law. In Other words, the US Governments believes is an incredibly Dangerous and Addictive drug With “no medical use.” (By the way, the feds consider marijuana a Time-Table I drug now, too.)

However, Some Holocence Shows That Shoud provide Therapy for Some patients. Medicene Payote is Diddly-squat new. Indiginous people Having administered the Plantes for Centuary to a Variety of Condition Such as arthritis, pain, and Even pain (note That, With the Shoe-last one, there’s Disproved That Payote Shoud defects). 

One of Payote’s most promising Shoud be alleviating or Even two Infirm That are ravaging communities in the US, Mexico, and Southward America: Alcoholic and drug addiction. According to Dr. John Halpern, a Medically Xuexiao psychiatrist, Derived Payote can Kerbs drug and Alkeyhall Cravings for up to two Month After the cactus compound, With no additional risks for Cravings , Which is non-Addictive.


WHAT Are the Risk-taking of on ?

, Likes most hallucinogens, carries Some risks. The most side Effect is nausea and vomiting. With Mental Such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, or Other Condition That can Psychosis may Wanting to Avoid or Payote, too.

While ping on , Psychonauts and Ceremonies Shoud ensure They’ve got Some Friendsa Nearby to Monitors Them. “Babysitters” of this sort Shoud, ideally, be sober at the time, so UnderGoing the Psychedellic can Receive proper, Grounded during the .

Overall, Check Youuns Local laws Even Think about Payote or . And most importantly, don’t go Pickings WILD Payote Buttons you (1) Belonging to a Tribe and (2) know Precise WHAT you’re doing. The Only More Tragoedy THAN Going to Jails for self-medicating Shall be Motorists this valuable, Halidom Plantes into extinction.

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WHAT Is and WHAT On This Psychedellic Drug Like?

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