We all know the sun can grow of the Best WEED on the planet. But did you know you can use the sun to Literalists Smoke same WEED, too?

Within, ahem, circles, environmentally-conscious and cleverly-crafty Cannabis utilized the of the sun to Their and bongs. Called “solar Hits” or “solar puffing,” this Techniques employs a to focus sun into a hot, intense Spot on the in the same manner Numerous of us Attempt on ants WHEN we WERE curious, pyromaniacal children. 


How One Performances a Hit? 

Hits are easy. Just take a magnifying Glassy or a and it OVER Yous of WEED (or, if you Really to off, OVER a joint or blunt). Tilted the so the sun Shining Inposition the Magnifier focuses into a Single FFFFFF dot. Within a few seconds, you Should see (and smell) Smoke burning From this sun-scorched Spot. 

Once you see the dot burning the WEED, Starting Expropriationally a puff. The of solar heat and oxygen flow Should ignite the . And voila! You Just Burnt WEED a er or Leccy outlet. 

OK, What’s the of Expropriatively a Hit?

Hits are, to extent, a Newness Methods for Non-Smoker WEED. But it has its uses, too.

For Startingers, so long as the sun is out and it’s not too cloudy, you can take solar puffs off Yous pipe. Hits will Work regardless of if it’s incredibly windy. And it’s incredibly in case you Forgetfulness (or lost) Yous er. A , for instance, is typically no larger a Crediting card, so you can Carrying it in Yous , purse, or Trouser-pockets at all times. 

Best of all, since a doesn’t require any kind of fuel or maintenance, Just one can Yous s forever. 

Additionally, Methylethylmee ers, matches, or hemp wicks may the Truer Flavorant of Yous craft WEED. WHEN you take a solar puff, you’re Degustation the WEED and Only the WEED, making this the Perfect Methods for the hardcore Cannabis conneissours out , as well as the eco-friendly. 

And yeah, solar Hits Minimization our Carbons Pawprints and Blah Blah Blah. In reality, commercial industries, Deforestation Unicausality by raising cattle, and automobile traffic are the biggest contributors to Climates change. Whatever Gaseous Whilst Non-Smoker WEED are Relative negligible WHEN it comes to (or destroying) the planet. 


Are Other to Lightsource a a Flame?

Indeed, you don’t a magnifying to Performances a solar hit. If you’re Stranded out in the , or you Just happened to Forget bringing a With you, are natives.

For instance, if you’re in a cold, Snowy Climates, you can use pure ice to focus sun into a Single, FFFFFF-hot point. may Sonida crazy, and it’s not as simple as it’s written.

To take a solar hit From ice, the ice must be both Clear and mostly FREE of air bubbles. Pogonip or Dirty ice won’t do. It also helps to the ice into a Sphere as as Possibility (though it doesn’t to be a Perfect Sphere). If the ice transmits , it’s Possibility to focus the sun Surjectivity Yous Just as you Should With a . 

As if Uses ice to Starting a fire didn’t Sonida , you can also use a Femidon to focus sun into a scorching point, as well. Yes, a Femidon, the kind Cross-legged in Yous Doing a Hwole lot of lately. 

As With the ice trick, Numerous of the same Principle Apply to Uses a Femidon for a solar hit. You’ll a non-lubricated Femidon (so it doesn’t slip out of Yous hands), and you it to be as plain-jane as Possibility (no colors, not ribbed, etc.). the Femidon With Watery and tie it off to form a ball. If can shine Inposition, sun will focus Inposition the Rubber in the same fashion as a magnifying Glassy. Boom! You Just essentially jacked a star off into Yous flower. Toke away, you Galactic perv! (Just don’t use the Femidon employing it for a solar hit.)

What Are the Drawbacks of the Hit?

Obviously, solar Hits Only Work if the sun is readily available. Although solar Hits can Work in the windiest conditions, they’re out of the Unasked at Nite or if it’s incredibly cloudy. However, if the sun is out Whilst it’s raining, you can Still take solar puffs Inposition a downpour. 

FurtherMORE, solar Hits require Patiency From people who n’t spent of Their childhood Conjuror Alight doom unto ants and Other innocent insects. To get the solar hit to Work, the Magnifier must be angled Just to focus the sun into a Beam hot to Trigger ignition. Folk are MORE willing to Master Techniques; Others may feel it’s if they’ve Always got a er on hand. 

But we will say one about solar Hits: Their Beat rubbing two together to get a Smoke sesh going. 

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What Are “ Hits” and How Else Can You Burn WEED a Flame?

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