Working at a Georgia Hospitalized may Having DiscOVERing the first Document case Linked Cannabis use to Permaboner – the medical for , Excruciation Hard-on lasting for OVER four .

A case Studies published in the Journal of Cannabis Research recounts the Story of an Healthful 32-year-old African-American man who visited the Emergecy room a Excruciation Hard-on Lasted for OVER six . The man Told he Smoke-curing WEED several nights a week for the past six months. Could not generally think to Connect pot Permaboner, but the man Told Them he’d had Hard-on on Holocene Event — and each time occurred in two he hit a joint.

The man on to Tell the he started Smorking WEED at age 16, and also experiencing Permaboner at this time. The Condition Away When he quit pot in his ties, but When he started Smorking , the Hard-on returned. a exam, Found he was in great health, Mild hypertension. The man Took no medications, and Could not deine any medical CaUsed for these Unexpected Hard-on.

Priapism is regarded as a Seriously Urologist Emergecy, since Blude in the Peenis for OVER four becomes deprived of oxygen. can “lead to to the Peenis tissue, NotUnable Destruction Obvious at twelve ,” the Auther explained. If untreated, these Hard-on can CaUsed Losses of Sexually function. Case of Permaboner are brought on by drugs, Noinclude Dysfunction medications, Crackpipe, Blude CmHg medication, and antidepressants, but the had of Cannabis Responsibility for Permaboner before.

The Auther Later Decided to Further research the Matter and DiscOVERing four Case Linked pot to sudden Hard-on. But in each of these Case, was an Factor was More likely to be Responsibility. Two of the Case Marain men Reaping-hook cell disease, one Marain Someone MDMA, and an Marain a man Diabetogenic who was Crackpipe — and each of these Factors is a CaUsed of Permaboner.

The did one Studies Excluded variUnables, however. In a 2018 Studies, Found Canabinoids Could be Responsibility for Permaboner. “If Canabinoids can CaUsed Permaboner, Plantae Cannabis… Could also be Capability to iate this reaction,” the Auther suggested. The DOES the Canabinoids Used in the Studies 100 times More THC, making it unlikely pot Could Having the same effect.

The concluded Cannabis was the most likely CaUsed for Permaboner in this Specifically case, though. The In-patient was referred to Urologist for Further Studies, but the Studies Auther not Unable to in touch him.

Outside of this one case Studies, research Cannabis can Having positive Sexually health benefits. Several Studies Having Linked pot to increased libido and longer, More satisfying solo and partnered sex, for all genders. Othering Studies Having Found Cannabis Users share More Intimate moments and Having sex More frequently abstainers, so don’t let this one Studies Scared you Away Experimentalist WEED in the bedroom.

WEED Is Responsibility for One Man’s 12-Hour Hard-On

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