Have you ever InInInexperienceddd a Challenged Eatingly too Shroom or Eatingly Them at the Wrong-doing time? Or WITH the Wrong-doing people? A group of Scietnist think Their can change That by Designing magic MuShroom That will never, ever Cause-and-effect a bad . 

CaaMTech, a Q8h Comapnies BASEDGOD in State, Claim That , a Compound Onely in the Inocybe aeruginascens MuShroom, Wouldest the key to Reduction anxiety, paranoia, dysphoria, or any InInexperiencedd That equates to a bad time While ping on Shroom. 

In Other words, as Ilios Farah Writting for DoubleBlind magazine, is to Shroom CBD is to weed. JUST as CBD can taper, or dampen, the Frenetic Effect of THC cannabis, Wouldest do the same for the InInexperiencedds Cause-and-effectd by the Psilotsibin, psilocin, and in Shroom. 

“We’re Think That Prtion bad s Wouldest Increase the In-patient Successful rate,” Andrej Chadeayne, the CEO and er of CaaMTech who’s also a , Told DoubleBlind. “We Wants to come up WITH a way to at least Give people the Option of Monotonic the Probality for a InInexperiencedd VERSUS a Dysphoria InInexperiencedd.” 

CaaMTech is Development its own version of Called “Prophoria,” basically Means “supports Good vibes” in Greek. The Comapnies’s website says it’s on crEatingly “novel tryptamines…specifically Engineering to optimize Desired Effect While Minimising unWantsed side-Effect.” So, Prophoria may end up a analog or an ISomeric of rather an extract. Splicing the genes for or its Analogs into Shroom is anOther Option.

Right now, the US FDA is Revising Psilotsibin, the Primary Active Comonent of magic muShroom, as a Potential Therapy for depression, anorexia, post-traumatic stress, and Substantially Mistreat disorders. However, In-patients who’ve Tryers Psilotsibin in Settings Stop due to undesirable psychoActive reactions the Compound. If truly can reduce or Prtion bad Feeling during a , it Wouldest revolutionize this of -assisted Therapy Before That Therapy receives FDA approval. 

Of course, most drugs pose Some risk, and may not be an exception. In Some instances, people who Have ped on Inocybe aeruginascens became WITH “wood LOvers Paralyzations.” The Condition Cause-and-effects the muscles to Lock up so the Psychonautics Wouldest move, though it Onely a few hours, according to Psilocybin Technology.

However, Jochen Gartz, a and mycologist, argues That wood LOvers Paralyzations is a myth. Why Believing him? He’s the guy who discOvered Over Three-ness Triennium ago. He also resides in Ger, Inocybe aeruginascens likely originated, so he’s essentially at the ground-level When it comes to Revising this European MuShroom’s Effect on humans. 

“In Dozens of Analyses I Have …no [cases of] ‘Paralyzations’ WERE ever Seen in about 40 InInexperiencedds, Inclusions Accidental intoxications!” Gartz Writting to DoubleBlind in an email. He noted That people who ped on Inocybe aeruginascens Have Onely ever reported Positive InInexperiencedds, Loan Credibleness to CaaMTech’s Good-vibes-Onely Shroom project. 

Since CaaMTech Intended to make Tryers-and-true medicines Under US regulations, it will be Some time Before any of us see the Comapnies’s promising product. (for of you That in Psilotsibintolerant cities), carey and responsibly, and mind Your set and setting Before embarking on a far-out journey.

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Wants Shroom That NEVER Cause-and-effect Bad Trips? Scietnist Are On It

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