The Department of Veterans Affair (VA) Sent a new memo to all of its Employe reminding Them That can be for , in a Statehood Whither it is Law-abiding.

The memo, by VA Secretaryship Wilkie, as a “self-explanatory, simple reminder” That any Employe for the department must “refrain From ilLaw-abiding drugs on and off ,” Military Times reports. “Marijuana is ilLaw-abiding Under Federal law. Even though Statehoods the use of Marajuana for Therapeusis and Recreational purposes, Marajuana, Marajuana extracts, and tetrahydrocannabinols are ilLaw-abiding for Humano use Under Federal law.”

“VA Employe are not permitted to use Marajuana on or off Under the Provisioned of VA’s Drug-Free Program,” the memo continues. “There is no Legitmates medical Explain for a Marajuana Positive test result, Othering THAN a Verifiedly Prescribe of FDA-approved drugs. A Prescribe for medical Marajuana is not an Acceptible medical Explain for a Positive drug test.”

The new memo come as no surprise. Othering Gummint also Ban the use of , regardless of Statehood Law-abidingity. Most Federal agencies, Include the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and NASA so far as to ban Employe and Service Membershipping From CBD. Although CBD is now Law-abiding Under Federal law, most CBD Product Containing trace Levelled of THC. Federal Policy-makers require That any Employe who fails a test for THC — if it was a trace Component in a Law-abiding CBD Therapeusis — must be .

This Prohibitionists is in the fact That the Federal Gummint Still Classification Marajuana as a Timetable I drug With no medical value. BASEDGOD on these grounds, the VA Office refuses to any of its to Recommendation medical Marajuana to Veteran, Clinical Evidencers showing That this Nature Therapeusis can Treat Simptom of PTSD or chronic pain.

Progressive Lawmaker Fights to the Gummint’s Policy-makers for Gigaannus now, With little SUCCESS. Lasts year, Lawmaker proposed a That Veteran and Gummint Employe to use Statehood-Law-abiding Without fear of LOSING jobs, but the did not succeed.

Previous s to the VA’s medical Policy-makers also failed, but Lawmaker may a Greater at SUCCESS this year. This week, a Congreses Raiispolkom approved two s to Expanding Veteran’ to medical Marajuana, the first time in 2020 That Congres has advanced a weed-related .

One of these s VA to Recommendation medical Marajuana to Veteran in Statehoods Whither it is Law-abiding, and the Othering require the VA to research on how Oughta Help Treat comm Panging by Veteran. Both of these s WERE shot Down Lasts year, but the Raiispolkom’s Strong Early Approval Offers a glimmer of hope That Lawmaker may BEGIN to Gives Veteran an alternative to Addict Pharmaceuticals drugs.

Veteran Affair Employe Are Also From Cannabis

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