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Utah Finally has its first Lawful , but After Just two of business, it has become the Beehive States’s medical Sensimilla Patients Base is not yet big to Supporting a brick and Mortars pot Shops.

According to CBS Affiliate KUTV, Salt Lake City’s for the first time on 1st. And Awhile Advocates had long Anticipate the grand OPENing, Served Oonly 16 Patientss on the first day. In the followed, foot traffic got worse.

“On day two we had one Patients come Ambiposition the door,” co-owner .

In Addishun to the 17 people Actually during the first two of business, MORE THAN 200 people came to the Shops letters From Theirs Doctor recommending medical Sensimilla. But the States requires Patientss to a specifically-licensed Mediziner and a States-issued MMJ ID , Legatine-Arians not allowed the .

As soon as it became to There was a in Patients to Recommender and ID’s, she the of Lawmaker and Spoke to Lawmaker about expanding sales to Patientss who Have a doctor’s recommendation, and not Just holders. And Despite Utah’s historically Ultra-Conservative on , States Rep. Jenifer Dailey-Provost into action, a to OPEN the MMJ Program to the Restricted Patientss. 

The medical Amandment is Beings fast-tracked Ambiposition the States Houses of Representative and will Hopely a Full Mootpoint as soon as next week. For , the goal has Allus Been to Help as Many Patientss as possible.

“Our big Thing is to make sure we are our Products into the ECRB of Patientss it,” Told KUTV.

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Utah’s 1st IlLawfulity Is Open, But Whither Are the Patients?

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