A company from Oklahoma, USA, hopes to enter the record books this Thursday 20th April when they unveil what they claim will be the largest cannabis infused chocolate bar the world has ever seen. 

Created by edibles brand Zen Cannabis, the giant confectionary named ‘The Big Zen’ will contain a mind-boggling 4,200,000 milligrams of THC, equivalent to 420 thousand average size joints. 

The canna-confectioners will work for 360 hours to produce the 420-pound ‘megabar’, with 12 of them whipping giant 40-gallon vats of milk chocolate for up to 6 hours a day.

Going into the bar with the chocolate will be 100 pounds of cannabis (1600 ounces). The creators will follow the recipe of their signature ‘Zen Bar’, but with a ‘secret twist’. It will measure a massive 9 feet by 4 feet.

The brand behind it claims it will be, “the largest, most potent, dominantly-dosed and most expensive cannabis chocolate bar ever made.”

Special Projects Manager Evan Senn remarked, “It’s not every day you make history and we’re doing it here in Oklahoma City! We’ve put a secret twist on our signature Zen chocolate bar recipe and supersized it to create ‘The Big Zen’ bar. We’re talking 9 by 4 feet!” 

“We were already doing big things at Zen–expanding our reach to even more U.S. states and growing bigger and better in Europe. This record would be a big cherry on top of all that. This project has been so fun to bring to life and with all the exciting things we have coming up as a brand, it’s only fitting that our history includes such a creative and world record-setting accomplishment.”

Operating in several 420-friendly states, Zen Cannabis creates edibles which are designed for the adult-use market. Most of their products contain THC, they also have a CBD brand that’s available in Europe.

Cannabis lovers the world over will celebrate 420 on 20th April at a dazzling range of different official and unofficial events. In the UK events will be taking place in most major cities, as well as at Hyde Park in London where you will able to meet the leafie team and grab some free merch.

US company aims for record books on 420 with 4,200,000mg chocolate bar

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