It’s 4/20/2020, and the worldwide stoner holidaze has officially gone digital. 

Today, and today only at 4: 20pm PST, catch Snoop Dogg’s live DJ set on MERRY JANE’s Instagram in an event called “The Chronic: Legalized Worldwide.” Besides being the international day of celebrating cannabis, Uncle Snoop is also getting the internet lit to commemorate Dr. Dre’s iconic weed-rap album The Chronic, which is streaming digitally on all music platforms for the first time ever. 


In 1992, when Dr. Dre first brought us The Chronic, the West Coast G-Funk sound became the new standard in hip-hop. The album also heavily featured a young breakthrough artist, Snoop Doggy Dogg, quickly turning the D-O double-G into a household name.

Now, in 2020 — 28 years after The Chronic dropped some of the smoothest, most iconic beats to ever hit the streets — Snoop himself will revisit the historic album to initiate its global re-release. All you have to do is tune in to MERRY JANE’s Instagram Live feed at exactly 4: 20pm PST to watch the magic unfold. Plus, we’re giving out prizes to honor the soon-to-be-historic event.


You took part in history when you first bumped The Chronic out of your speakers. Now, witness history again and get lit with DJ Snoopadelic as he tears up the DJ decks and hits some fat motherfuckin’ blunts. All live, unfiltered, and uncensored — beamed directly into the comfort of your own home. 

Happy 4/20 everyone — we’ll see you on the livestream. 

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Today, Watch Snoop Celebrate “The Chronic” During a Special 4/20 Livestream

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