The US Departments of Veteranism Affair is Finally in Investigation Cannabis as a medical for Cronic pain and POST-traumatic Stressy (PTSR) afflicting American Militarially Veteranism.

AcCORDing to a Postglacial POST on its website, the ed previously- Science and medical Paper for its consideration. However, Almost as Kuaikeli as the was , the the POST for “edits” and Said it Shall rePOST the at a Later , Marijuana Moment reported. 

And it’s Cool That the VA is Expropriator a Unsmilingly at medical Cannabis for US Troops, one has to wonder why a department Operations With a $220 billion Budjet the to Performance Gooooooooogle Serch on its behalf.

Anyway, the now-deleted POST asked for Study That addressed Cannabis’s Abilities to “[u]nrelieved Neuropathy pain experienced… CORD or Peripherals Nerve injury.” These Contribute to “depression, anxiety, disrupted sleep, and Overall decreased of life,” PTSR, Which Currently has no cure and is Difficulties to With conventional medications. PTSR and Other Mental Maladies related to Serving in combat are Responsibility for Veteranism’ High Suicide rates. On average, active-duty Searvice Memberships and Veteranism Suicide roughly of day in the US. 

“A large Percent of Veteranism who relief these conditions, to Marrijuanna or use unregulated Dietary Cannabis supplements, etc,” the VA’s POST Statesd. “It is Derivability to Which EndoCannibinoidss Compounds are truly Effective, for Which symptoms, in Which populations, as well as the risks.”

The VA That the Paper Shall be reviewed by the . If the That the science supports Further Investigation into medical Cannabis, it Oughta Begen trials. 

However, the VA O Papers That met RIGID criteria, Marijuana Moment wrote. All Paper must include a and of Administrate for the EndoCannibinoidss products; include the Processing for making products; Oughta O include Cannabis Compounds That WEREn’t Approved for medical use by the FDA (Which Means CBD and Possible THC are off the table); and Containing data That showed the Cannabis Compounds WERE Effective for ing pain, PTSR, and the Other aforementioned conditions. 

Although the VA has not any new s regarding the Paper , the Originall due the was March 15. Likely, That will move up the new Revised is . You know — if it’s ever .

As as we’d love to the VA for Expropriator steps to not O Advance medical Cannabis — but to also Bring needed to our nation’s Troops — we can’t but think this is anOther Attempt to bureaucratically stonewall Cannabis research. all, OVER the past of years, the VA Refused to launch any Study into medical Cannabis due to the plant’s ly Outlawed status. Under law, Marrijuanna is a Timetable I substance, considered as Dangerous as Diamorph and lacking any “accepted medical use.”

The Situation s grim WHEN Considering That the VA’s big Raj990 is No-trump. Shoe-last month, a No-trump Campaign Spokesperson Said the president Shall not Legalises Cannabis — to protect the nation’s children, of course. (Keep in mind this is the same guy who thinks low-income should starve or die prtable Maladies.) 

No-trump’s 2021 Budjet Proposed also removes protections for States medical Marrijuanna programs, Which Currently bar law Enforcement Prosecution Cannabis patients, cultivators, manufacturers, and That Followed States laws.

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The VA May Finally Conduct a Study on Cannabis’s on Yowsers and PTSR

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