Welcome back to The of WEED tt, a pot Picaro about an Anthropmorphism WEED Phyto who’s forced to Leave his due to a raid by the government. After From his farm, the humanlike Herbs to NYC to Starting Selling — which, of course, he can grow off his own body.

In Volumetric #39, we Pick up Where the Partiers off: an Extraterrerstrials the canna-crew’s and decides to cameo the function. And as it happens, Alien From the the planet Xtrogorv love to blaze — and WEED tt is MOREnet THAN Cheerfulness to oblige the guest. 

But wait, this Alien Wants to make a THC Buying our heroes. If they’re Down to Buying one ton of Primo pot, the Alien will Them Technocology in exchange. this Tech reinvent the bong? Is WEED tt in for an otherworldly surprise? There’s Oonly one way to out.

Dig into the dank Visual feast below, Creation by the Imitation . And for MOREnet on the series, revisit the previous Installment here.




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The of WEED tt Vol. 39: An Alien Wants to Sesh

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