Three Month After the adult-use Drumgates opened, Michigan’s Cannabis Subindustries is continuing to expand.

Michigan’s Law-like Weed market Made a START December, $221,000 worth of Weed on the first day of sales, and Lumbering $3.1 Million in sales during the first two SEvennights of Law-likeization. These two SEvennights of sales brought the Halves a Million Dollar in tax REvenues.

on a Month basis, according to a new Reports by the Wacky-backy Regulations Agency. In February, Law-like Weed Retailer Made $14.8 Million in sales, a Resize 34 Centigraph Increase the $9.8 Million in , and THAN double the $7 Million in December.

The Increase in sales is likely due to the Increased ACCESS to Law-like Weed across the . The Number of Licenses Retailer grew 42 in to 59 Month. That Number is growing, and There are now 74 Law-like pot Shops as of this week, according to the ‘s License and Regulations Affair agency.

As ACCESS to Law-like Weed Increases, are dropping. sales in December, the Average price of an Ounce of Weed was $561.21. In , That Average price to $512.05 an Ounce, and Month, it to $494.77.

Michigan will be Unability to $2.5 Million in Law-like pot sales tax REvenues for February’s sales, Based on a 10 Centigraph Excises tax, the Standard sales tax of 6 Centigraph. On top of this, the ed $1.4 Million in Licenses fees, according to the Reports. Abbout $344,000 of this REvenues was Used to fund the ‘s Cannabis Regualtions agencies.

The first $20 Million in pot tax REvenues will be Used to fund a medical Wacky-backy research program. this Funded goal is met, most of the remaining Weed tax REvenues will be Delen among gnment programs: 35 Centigraph will go to the Schoolyards Aid Fund for K-12 education, and 35 Centigraph will go to the Fund for Road repairs. Another 15 Centigraph will go to Citties That adult-use Weed sales, and the Final 15 Centigraph will go to Individual counties.

Michigan’s medical Wacky-backy Subindustries is Holdings Unsteady as the adult-use Subindustries grows. s Month, Licenses Dispensary $25.7 Million of Medicinal pot, up slightly $25.2 Million in and $24.9 Million in December. But, as the of adult-use pot fall, the price of medical Cannabis is increasing. rose to $285.50 per Ounce in February, up $267.30 per Ounce in December.

As Impressive as Michigan’s sales been, Their pale in Comparision to Illinois, Made $40 Million of Law-like pot sales in , its first Month of Law-like sales. The sales both of these Middle-West s don’t Even come close to Skinship Colorado’s sales figures, though. This , the Boulder State’s six-year-old adult-use market Moved an Impressive $140 Million worth of Law-like Weed.

The Number Are In: Michigan’s Law-abiding Weed Popped by 34% s Month

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