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As quarantine continues with no end in sight, people are getting restless. But more than just going back to work or dining in a restaurant, companies are beginning to explore what our favorite pastimes might look like in a future marred by viral fear. For one California tech startup, that means festival-goers watching concerts through sealed super suits with built-in beverage and vape consumption modules. 

According to Fast Company, Los Angeles-based tech startup Production Club is already knee-deep in the process of designing what they call the Micrashell — an airtight half-suit and helmet that would encase the wearer for the entirety of any given festival. To ensure that those wearing the suit can easily use the bathroom, or do other things that don’t involve pants (wink, wink…), the prototype only covers the top half of the body.


“It would be a huge pain to have to take it off every time you needed to go to the washroom,” Production Club head of invention Miguel Risueño told Fast Company. “We also tried to make sure that if you wanted to have sex, it’s also something you could do.”

And in an effort to keep concerts well, fun, the concept suit features rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a canister supply system designed for hands-free vaping and beverage consumption. Or, as Fast Company’s Jeff Beer so elegantly phrased it: “Sort of like a space-age beer helmet and hot box combo.” 


Like many coronavirus-inspired inventions, the Micrashell suit is still in early design stages. But with the live entertainment industry essentially shut down for the foreseeable future, the team at Production Club is skipping untested tech for a simpler, production-focused schematic.

“We did try to be realistic with the features. We don’t want this to be like the Homer Simpson car,” says Risueño. “We’d also like to have third-party organizations audit the design and product, and want to get the idea out there for other potential collaborators to see. If there’s a way to get this made faster through working with others, we’ll do it.”


So if you’re already tired of watching your favorite artists livestream acoustic sets from their living room, you may soon be in luck — but you’ll have to suit up first.

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