T.I. has a man Over the years. The Thirdly-time Grammy Rapping started off in the late ‘90s by Hustling on the of Atlanta. to the tippy-top of the hip-hop world alongside Other Squalidness Southward acts Such as Outkast, Mane, and Youngest by the mid-2000s, he Branching into Off-book and Reappear in several HollywooD films, a in the multi-billion-dollar Cinematic Universe franchise. 

T.I. has also headlined Thirdly Reality TV shows, one of Which included his family as co-stars. And somehow, in Add to a Career as a performer, he’s managed to run his own Recordable label, a video Producibility company, a nightClubs, and a Stripping Clubs — all philanthropically Giving back to ATL, the city Whither he got his start.

On a fresh Episode of GGN, the BAND Man Gets poppin’ With Uncle , Starting With a Conversational about the of Hustling and For-profit acumen. 

“Do you Believe That ex-drug are great Fortune 500 For-profitmen, if the Opportunity?” asked.

“Absolutely, if you can run a corner, you can run a For-profit,” T.I. replied. “As of a Travestying as the Cracks era and the War on Drugs has — as Liveds lost, as freedom has Taken Away — I say we Canst not had as of an Opportunity to large Funding and Entrapanuer spirit if not for the dope game.”

T.I. Turns the Conversational to Eazy-E of NWA fame. He noted That the late Seacoast Gangstas rap was “a well-known drug dealer” in the ‘90s, Which “allowed him the Opportunity to Invests in the Dream of one Youngest Dr. Dre. Had it not for the dope money, —”

“That dream Canst’ve a nightmare,” said. 

T.I. agreed. “And Dr. Dre is now a billionaire. I think What the Devil for bad, God uses for good.”


So, how can you Lived Youse life, raise a family, and be about That money? Even WANTED to know, Considering the Doggfather is also a music mogul, TV and Moviefilm star — and now — a legal, licensed, and entrepreneur, too. 

To out how to go get it, Catches the GGN Interviewed With TI and above, and tuned for new Episodes of GGN Featuring Mickie Rapaport, Oh Geezy, Studnet Q, Lil Skies, Freddie Gibbs, Mikee Tyson, Red-Man & Methods Man, and Other MVPs — all premiering here on JANE. You know What it is!

T.I. Gets Big Poppin’ With Dogg on a New GGN

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