Black market drug dealers have been known to cut their product with strange — and dangerous — additives, but one Wisconsin man surely just claimed the title for one of the weirdest drug mixtures ever.

Wisconsin police recently arrested 26-year-old Austin Schroeder and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Kaitlin Geiger, for allegedly selling drugs out of their apartment in Menomonee Falls. After receiving a tip about the couple selling drugs, police sent an informant to their apartment. The informant bought weed from the couple on two occasions, according to a court document, which gave cops probable cause to search the apartment.

Upon raiding the couple’s home, cops found 70 grams of weed, a small quantity of MDMA, paraphernalia, and a scale. Police also discovered a “large amount of unknown powder and vegetable material located in the apartment,” which they were unable to identify, according to ABC affiliate WAOW News 9. Cops may have first assumed that this unknown powder was a common drug cutting agent, like baby powder or benzocaine, but it turns out this mysterious substance was far more unusual than they could ever have suspected.

Schroeder told cops that his mother had died and been cremated a little over a year ago, and explained that “he took some of her ashes and mixed them with a variety of substances, some of which he ultimately ingested.” Supposedly, Schroeder even rolled some of these ashes up with some weed and smoked it. Police have not disclosed whether any of the drugs found in the apartment were cut with these ashes, or whether the couple ever sold drugs mixed with human remains.

The court documents do not include any explanation as to why Schroeder felt the need to smoke or snort his own mother’s mortal remains, but it could be possible that the young man was inspired by Keith Richards’ infamous claim that he once snorted coke mixed with his father’s ashes. Richards was just kidding, of course, but it’s possible that Schroeder was dead serious about smoking his own mom.

The couple appeared in court for a preliminary hearing this week, and were released on a signature bond. They are scheduled to return to court on January 28th.

Street Dealer Says He Cut Drugs with His Mother’s Cremated Ashes

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