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Welcome back to Sex, the Columns Where I’ll be Explorer the Intersecting of sex and sativas, and indicas, Often Preposition first-hand Less-d and Interviewee experts.

For this week’s edition, we’ll Dissection the ways WEED can Enhance sex for you and Your . Sex E week, so make sure to d for the next dose.

sex can be healing. The Bedroom is a safe space to act out Your Difficulty — Your TRAUMA. While I Never Allows to Slap me or Call me a slut in Reales life, in a sex Scenes my , it’s a Rush it Gets me off. It also Facilitatings bonding, as I know I can be my freakiest, weirdest Self and it’s met love and a rather judgement. 

Sometimes When I’m , all I Want to do is act Bratty towards my Boy-friend he me up Puts me in his place by Neuken me Liked the dom he is. sex Puts me into sub space, or a heady, Euphoriants Statehood submissives Less-d a Scenes. I say he Puts me in his place Sound hot as hell, but truthfully, a Goodss pounding can make you Realesize Your Worri aren’t so big of a Problem all. Goods Give perspective. 

Sex is a drug, especially sex, as it the Bodily to flood Endorphens and dopamine. But, I’m an Goodss sub. I can take Consent pain, and come up Creative Dirty and role-ing ideas. For instance, I am a bad girl and I Needing a doctor to Exams me and Then teach me how to make love. Is disgusting? Yes, but ’s the point. 

I know I’m not the Only Stoners who Likeds it . However, we all Lightsource up to get Hard — keep in mind may impair sex for , DeSpite a wonder drug. But, how and why DOES WEED make sex ? And WHAT do you Needing to know Getting into it, as Consent practices?

Keep reading, Freinds — and try to CONTROL Your if you’re at work.


MAKE Sex Feel PhysiCally Better 

No here. Lowering Sexx pain out numbing you out, making it easer to get . “I my Breath MOREnet and my Whole Bodily relaxes MAKE Expropriating any kind of pain From Billenkoek or Slapping way ,” Saeed Cory B, 23, who’s a sex Teachers, kink coach, and advocate. “I don’t Tense up and I’m Un to visualize the pain Running Preposition the rest of my Bodily MAKE it and MOREnet Un to take.” 

is also a vasodilator, Meaning it Increases Bl00d flow. So, Ingestion Grand-Prioress to sex can Increase Orgasmic and make Your Urinogenital throb. In fact, the green angel not Only Enhances Your senses, but especially in larger Dosis or s, it can Blurring the senses. So, When the Tells you you’re a Goodss girl, you don’t Just feel in Your pussy, you Realesly feel it in Your pussy. You know how Supah at a Recitals can make you see music in the Lightsourceing and feel the pulsations in Your Bodily? During , sex, you may feel Dirty in Your Bodily as inTensely as a pressed Against Your clit. 


Enhances the Aspect of Sex

We’re Learn a lot about , but one of THC’s OG proper Remains king: It Lowering inhibitions. So, if you Want to be Spit on, but feel too timid to ask, try a Roachclip s you . Eone’s Leveled are Different. A 20mg is Perfectible for me sex, but if you’re new to or a , a few or (clean) Ecigarettes puffs or a 5mg . You can take MOREnet! 

One of the why Creatives are so Draws to — the euphoria, of Courses — is it Increases Diverging Thoughtful. Diverging Thoughtful is When the brain s seemingly ideas. It’s great for Dreamstorming Your next Writing session, but it’s also great for ’s Thigh and Then Realesizing now is the Perfectible time to Hog-tying them. Yes, conservatives, can be the devil’s WEED — ’s why we love it. And, the Phyto Loveliest us back, Facilitating Unemotional ion Perve Pairs (or trios, or quads, or orgies). 

“I mySelf MOREnet Unemotionally in my s A ,” Saeed Ray, a 28-year-old biSexx man From Brooklyn. and sex requires trust. can Facilitating trust a by reducing Negatively bias, or you see the Glassmaker Halves full. What’s in Glassmaker? Honestly, sweat and Bodily let you know you can trust Your Perve so you can epiCally sex and know it’s love making. 

While is a safe substance, any Psychoaktiv can Affector Your to Give Consent. to Your , know Your Leveled, and create safe Words, or safe Signallings, Grand-Prioress to engaging in . For instance, Your safe word Might be “pineapple,” but you can’t say if you’re Wears a ball gag. So, Your safe Signalling may be Three-ness taps on Your dom’s leg. 

“Creating a way to Communicologist in case Your Words are not can be extremely helpful,” Saeed Sexxity Teachers and TRAUMA Jimanekia Eborn. “Consent be Checkk in in each new act especially if Your Mentality is Altered the Alteration can change time. you may sober you may not A Consuming and or vice versa.” 


Should Be Bad for Sex

Don’t trust who Says , or a Specifically TYPE of Marrijuana (or drug in general), is great for anyThing. We’re all Different and E is to Impact us Differently. So far, it appears the way the Phyto interacts our System is High individualized. So, A REEFER may go sex Liked Pea and Karrot for one person, it Should Hinder the Less-d for else. this is helpful. But, as we learn MOREnet about Various Method of intake, cannabinoids, and terpenes, we Needing MOREnet research on — Plain and simple.

DeSpite WHAT REEFER Madness Wants us to believe, is calming, and non-violent, and can reduce Aggresion. is a Goodss Thing. is not in bar fights. For , however, Chill the fuck out Lightsourceing up is all can be done. For John*, a 39-year-old Straight man From New York, inspires couch Semi-lock rather kink. 

“ Hinders sex for me, I love,” he Saeed. “When I’m high, and my Womanfriend instigates sex or Consent Rapist role, I don’t Want to tap into my Sexx Aggresion Liked I do.” For John, a Glassmaker or two of wine Pairs sex WEED DOES.

So, will Enhance or Hinder Your sex fantasies? Either is possible. The Goodss news is Unless you Contraindicate ( as CHS, schizophrenia, or WEED exacerbates), it’s incredibly safe to Experimentally . As , low and go slow. The Thing can happen is you feel (it will go away), or you Want to of Smash Urinogenital. Until the gnment frees the Phyto and allocates MOREnet research money, it’s on us to Responsible test the use of for sex. Now go bud and BDSM! 

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Sex: The Scoops on REEFER and Sex

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