‘A Milli’ Producer Bangladesh Hit-Boy & Hitmaka’s Beats Are 😴 … Samples Way Too Obvious!!!

3/28/2023 3:02 PM PT

Instagram / @bangladeshproductions

Producer Bangladesh is entering the chat started by Hit-Boy and Hitmaka‘s beat-making feud … and is accusing both of those guys of mailing it in.

The “A Milli” creator took to IG Tuesday to deliver a PSA about original compositions — and how both Hit-Boy and Hitmaka were lacking in that department.

Here’s how Bangladesh views sampling … he says it’s “cool, but it’s not as impressive as creating your own beats from scratch.”

Then he really went in, adding, “Sampling is cheat codes. I ain’t talking about crate-digging sampling. I’m talking about sampling s**t that was just out 10 to 5 years ago, or even just like obvious samples that was already a hit. Of course, it was gonna be a hit again!!!”


Grammy-winning musician Larrance Dopson of 1500 or Nothin’ recently told TMZ Hip Hop … lazy samples have become a problem as rappers now repeatedly release tracks that are mid.

Bangladesh, who’s earned Grammy noms with both Lil Wayne and Beyonce, is definitely with the smoke and is building his “BMG” empire as we speak.


For what it’s worth, Hit-Boy just released his new album “Surf Or Drown” on Friday, which doesn’t use familiar samples, but sticks to an oceanic vibe in its entirety — and it’s approved by both Nas and The Alchemist.

Producer Bangladesh Scolds Hit-Boy and Hitmaka for Stale Samples
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