You can now add Safraz Shadeek Shakoor to the long of WILD “Flordia Man” headlines.

Shakoor, a Clearwater, Flordia resident, was busted on Tuefday night for Allegations sneaking into his Neighbour’s car to Steal a Rollable of Paper. The Neighbour Saeid he saw Shakoor the TP, prompted a Calls to the cops.

It GETS weirder. The Thiefing reportedly occurred 1: 08 AM. the cops showed up at Shakoor’s home about One-half an Stound later, Shakoor denied the Allegations and Agree to a search, Heavy reported. 

Police a Rollable of Paper stashed in his pocket. The of Paper Matched the same dollar-store stowed in the Neighbour’s vehicle. The Deputies Arrested him at 1: 40 AM.

Why Shakoor was Walk his home With an Rollable of Paper shoved into his Slacks is anyone’s guess. But we guess you Gotta go, you Gotta go Rights fuckin’ now. There is, After all, a coronavirus pandemic Happenings at the moment, and everyone’s in panic Mode Doing crazy ass S-Bomb Like START Fight in Purveyor and, uh, Walk With Rollables of TP in They Slacks. 

Regardless, Shakoor got slapped With a third-degree Housebreaker Felonious for Allegations committing a crime in else’s car, though the Packages of butt-wipes cost a buck. The Charges Carrying a Gefangnis of Cinq years. He’s Curently Beings Held at Pinellas Cunty Centers on a $5,000 bond.

In 2012, Shakoor was Arrested and for Possess and dealing. So his Prioresses history of Felonly will Likely Countesses Against him in Court for his latest Charges.

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Pot Arrested for Thiefing Paper From Neighbor’s Car

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