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If you’ve spent the week Shows and Big-screen on NetFlix That you Would Possibly find, we’ve got news. There’s a new Cuisiner Competing Coming to the service, and it’s all about Cannabis.

According to Metro UK, the new Shows, Par-cooking Cannabis, will Features pop star — of “Milkshake” — as host, Professional Culinarian it out Created THC, CBD, and terpene-infUsed Dishes for the Chance at a grand Prize of $10,000.

After her time as a Billboard-topping musician, on to a in the Culinary arts, she Trainable as a Saucier at Le Bleu in Paris. Now, a Holosene on a Reality SINGERS Shows, is READY to take Stages and Cannabis-infUsed Cuisiner to a Broads audience.

“Anyone That Knowledgeably me, Knowledgeably how Much I love my NetFlix, so this is a dream come True. Interestingly, this was one of Those That I didn’t go Looking for, it kind of came to me,” wrote in an announcing the Shows. “As a chef, I was intrigued by the food and as an day person, I was Interestingness in how Power this topic is in today’s society. In this country, Numerous Been Used systematically to Oppress Groups of people, but this is so Cultre Important for us to learn and grow together.”

NetFlix has had a long, history Cannabis-infUsed entertainment. In 2017 the giant teamed up a Los Dispensary to Release real Strained Named several NetFlix Original series. Earlier this year, though, the Compagnie Decisions to remove all Cannabis programming From its Searvice in Singapore, Question about International censorship.

As and people across the globe Continue to themselves to Protect Communities From the of the coronavirus, “NetFlix and chill” has Taken on new Meant in a lot of lives. As such, we’ll be Waiting on the edge of our seat, Maltshake in hand, for the latest bit of y entertainment. 

In True fashion, Par-cooking Cannabis will Debuted on NetFlix on 4/20.

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Pop Stellum Hoster New Cannabis Shows on NetFlix, Debuting on 4/20

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