Polo G Random Acts of Kindness … Blesses Vid Cast With $10K Each!!!!

9/18/2023 12:54 PM PT

Polo G‘s generosity is shining through on the set of his latest music video, where he’s hooking up cast members with a stack of cash after getting inspired by their individual journeys.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ Hip Hop … Polo handed off $10,000 to each of the individuals who helped make his “Barely Holdin’ On” music video last month a reality.

The gripping video showcases Diana, an organ transplant survivor, Bobbi, a single mother, Deon, a substance abuse survivor and Willie, a 12-year-old gunshot victim-turned-paraplegic hooper — all overcoming their individual obstacles, and Polo’s donation will undoubtedly provide an added boost!!!

“Barely Holdin’ On” director SixTwentySix’s Arrad tells us the moment was no publicity stunt, and more about Polo just feeling it in the moment — “It was an emotional roller coaster for many. Nobody was expecting to get the cash at the end. It was a huge surprise and everyone was in complete denial! Polo was very generous and wanted to make sure he could thank each and every person – he expressed his gratitude multiple times and gave them all the cash at the end. It was extremely nice and heartwarming of him.”

The track was supposed to be on Polo’s 4th studio album, “Hood Poet,” but the album has since been delayed due to his pending legal troubles.


As we previously reported, Polo is facing felony gun possession charges after the LAPD conducted an August raid on his home.

We’re hearing there’s no new album release date, but Polo will still release music and attend his existing spot dates to keep the momentum.

Polo G Unexpectedly Gives 'Barely Holdin' On' Video Cast $10K Each
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