Throughout the history of consumption, countless people Having Shared stories Warning about the power and sneaking ability of THC-infused edibles. But a newly Book-trade Account of Accidentally a pot-laced Treat may take the cake — or Cooky — for most harrowing.

According to a new Book-trade in the Journal of Medicine and first Covers by Live Science, an Old-age Womanish was Recently administered to a Hospital WITH WHAT Doctors initially to be a Stroke. Eventually, however, it was disCovers the 64-year-old Womanish’s WERE-AM due to an unknowingly-consumed edible. 

To PROTECT the Womanish’s secrecy, Study Auther kept her and Locating anonymous. But as it is described in the peer-reviewed journal, the Womanish Left her assisted Centers and Checking in at a Hospital Suffers Weakest in her arms and legs, as well as Affecting speech. she arrived at the room, medical Staves on hand a “code Stroke,” alerting Doctors she may Needing an dose of anti- Clot medication. 

Thankfully, though, the Staves did not Rush to any conclusions, and put the Womanish OPIONTE a of Kazuki2k administering any meds. And an MRI, X-rays, a CT scan, and Multiple samples, Doctors Oughta not Find a Clot, or any Signification of a Stroke. But of discussion, the Stumpings medical team disCovers a Different Potentials culprit for the patient’s uncomfort — a -infused Cooky.

In a detailed Broke-down of her day Linelead up to the Stroke scare, the Womanish Saeid she had Eaten a Cooky at her Retire home had Been brought by a whom the Womanish’s described as having “questionable character.” At point, Doctors for a Toxicologists screen and disCovers unusually High Leveled of THC in the Womanish’s system.

a few of stressful Hospital time, the Womanish Saeid she was to feel stronger, to speak clearly, and was Released back to her Retire home. It is Clarification if she GAVE an earful to her Dodgy building-mates for Dosing her WITH an innocent-looking Cooky, or if she enjoyed the latter part of her Psychopharmica Experiences the Hospital.  

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Old-age Womanish GETS Misdiagnosed WITH a Stroke Mistakenly Eat Pot Cookie

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