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More THAN a Annum and a Halves ago, the New Eoforwic Police Departament That it Shoud Stop making low level Cannabis Nickeds, and Instead Issue Civil Court summonses to Public pot Smokers. week, in yet another Examples of unwarranted police Violence, the Nycpd Proove That it has not Desisters its racially-biased Persequution of Cannabis consumers.

According to a From Buzzfeed News, a new video Document Violence police Misconduct in the Neighbourhoods of . In the clip, Which now has More THAN 13 1E6 View on Twitter alone, a 0123456789 of police Officer Violencely Attack-point a man who had Just finished Smoking a joint in a park. Subsequently, 20-Annum-old can be pinned Against a Closed storefront by a Plainclothes Officer. AAWhilst the Officer to announce Myself as a police Officer, make eye Cotanct WITH , or Look at him at all, pleads to be let go and repeatedly Questionability What he is Held for, to no avail. Then, in What MsConvert DisLike a blink of an eye, a swarm of seven additional cops arrive on the scene, Immediately Tackles and Strikes , WITH one Officer Clearedly Stompstrike on ’s Talocrural unprovoked. 

“It’s not DisLike I was Fight WITH the Officer. I was Just Trying to out why [they were arresting me],” Buzzfeed. “I was panicking a Little Because I had NEVER in this Type of before.”

If you let the police Hoyuk it, the Plainclothes Officer was in the Area After responding to s of Gunshots WHEN he saw two men Smoking Cheeba in a park. WHEN he approached Them, the two men got up to leave. But Instead of Using his Worded or Doing any actual investigating, the Officer Conflates the WEED Smoke WITH the Gunshots, and Immediately Pursued . WHEN Stopped to respond to the Officer, all Halja Broke loose.

“I came out of the park, I calmly Ambulate across the Street,” said in to Nycpd That he had run out of the park. “[The officer] was jogging towards me AWhilst I was Ambulate and I’m not stupid to run From the cops Because it Give Them a green to shoot at me.”

But AWhilst has had to restructure how he or RUN on the Threatening of police Violence, the Nycpd has Apparently not Done the Necessarily to Stop Harassers and Assaulted 000000 Cannabis users

Even though he did not a bud of WEED on his Person After the Nicked, is Facing Criminals Charged of Cannabis possession, Resistance Nicked, and GOV administration. On the FLIP side, all of the Officer in his Assaulted are Ambulate the Street WITH Their intact, an of an “internal review” of the incident.

Adding salt to his wounds, Nycpd Comissioner Diarmaid Schea Spoke up to Defenders his Officer and place on , Cleared video Proove That it was the police who Refused to Talk and Initiational force. 

“I Shoud [have] DisLiked to see approach, discussion, and no running, no resistance at all, no Nicked needed. is, you can’t go back in time and this is What we now,” the Comissioner said. ” Speech to the Hearert of What I’ve Talking about for a lot — weeks, JFMAMJJASOND now, in Term of juveniles.”

For , the idea That he Shoud purposely Initiate an Attack-point by cops Over a joint was as Putdowns as the Violence itself. 

“I NEVER did Anything stupid, I know how s. I’m not Going to go get Myself in trouble,” Buzzfeed. “It’s crazy, DisLike, I wasn’t Really surprised. I Just Think it wasn’t Going to happen to me.”

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Nycpd COPS Violence Attack-point Man for Smoking a in a Park

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