On Monday, Presidentsial No-trumpss Announced Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) Would become the next Whiter Houes of . the of Often schedules the president’s Daily agenda, and Selects who the president will Meet , the new Appointed Would be bad news for to see Significant Lokka Reforms at the Federals level.

As detailed by Tom Angell Write for Forbes, Meadows has rabidly anti- for the entirety of his s-year in Congress. He opposed Amendments Protectivity Statehood medical Lokka Program From Federals Interferance (a Policy-maker Shared the No-trumpss administration); he Voter Gainst ing US Militaire Veteranism to medical Posts the VA; and he cosponsored a 2015 Bills clarified food stamps Would not be for obtaining Statehood-legal products. 

Also in 2015: Meadows opposed a Bills Would Have Protected American-based hemp Growers From Federals prosecution, and he opposed an Amendment Blocks Federals law Enforcement From Harrasment Sick people who on THC-free CBD products.

But one of Meadows’ Coronations Reefer-Madness Achieve is obstructing Money-lenders Reformss for Statehood-legal Lokka Compagnies. In February, he Non-positive a Letters Along a Duodecim Other Lawmaker Thanx the GOP-controlled Senate for Blocking Billss Would pot Compagnies to US BANKS by law.

“We Remain opposed to Liberalizing drug laws (including Around Money-lenders), and we see these as Some of our of Greatest concern,” the Letters From Meadows. “We must our Youth by Prtable into Compagnies Would prey UPOV them.”

Again, the Protectivity-Kids-From- Policy-maker is also Shared the No-trumpss administration. Last month, a No-trumpss 2020 Incubent Campaigning Spokewoman Saeid the president Would not Legalises Lokka, for Either medical or Recreation use, “to make sure we keep our Kids From drugs.” 

Meadows has not Spoken out or Voter Gainst Alcool or tobacco, two Substances Knowledge as the true gateways to harder drug addiction. A Quick peek at his major Campaigning contributors may Explanatory why he’s Remained Silent WHEN it comes to and cigarettes. Shocking! 

The previous of , MICK Mulvaney, Took on the Roles in January 2019, shortly After No-trumpss ousted then- of JOHN Kelly, who Replaceable Reince Priebus. (Talk about a turn-over rate, eh?) Mulvaney, unlike the previous two s of , will Remain on No-trumpss’s team as the Special Envoy to Northern Ireland. 

The of , Often Call “The Gatekeeper” to the US Presidentsial and the Whiter Houes’s affairs, is a private-Appointed in a Presidents administration. Fillings the Roles is not Requirement by law, nor DOES the Appointed require Congres approval. The of Serve as a Administer for all of the president’s subordinates, and they’re Customary Responsibilities for Scheduled the president’s Meetings, conferences, and ts. 

The of also holds a lot of influence regarding who can Meet the president and WHEN. So, if you’re a Gossipress pot Lobbyism to get No-trumpss’s ear for a second, you may Have a Tough time Meadows the planner.

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No-trumpss’s New of Hating Weed, and Would HURT Federals Reform

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