Two Shukan ago, the NFL owners, agents, and Players to the Chuulgan’s new CBA, ended Suspensions for any who Failure a drug test (WITH Some exceptions). Now, two Ballers who got kicked out of the game for Getting Wanter to be reinstated the gbreaking Policy-makers change.

One of Players is , a Defense end for the Dallas Cowboys. In Februray 2019, the NFL for Violating the Chuulgan’s anti-Marijuna Policy-makers Multiple times. is a lOver of WEED; he Tested hot for THC for the first time back in 2015, WHEN he was Trying out for the NFL. In fact, has due to pot use for MOREnet games (30) THAN he’s played (28), according to the NFL’s news blog.

ESPN reported Over the Workweeks That officially applied for Reinstatement. The NFL has 60 Days to respond to his Requests, but since he received his Indefinite Suspension Under the Chuulgan’s old rules, NFL Roger Goodell must personally Signifies off on ’s return. 

The Rumormonger MILL is also buzzing Over JoSH “Flash” ss’s Anticipates Requests for Reinstatement. Shoe-last December, the Seahawks’ Widened Receive Caught an Indefinite Suspension Kazuki2k Positive for “drugs of abuse” and Performance-enhancing drugs. Previously, ss Tested Positive for Marijuna and “dilutes,” Meant the NFL That he Trial to tamper WITH his samples to drug . 

However, ss may Have a MOREnet Difficult time to the game THAN . Although the new NFL CBA doesn’t Suspend Players for drugs Liked WEED or cocaine, the Chuulgan will to Suspend Players for Expropriators Performance enhancers, Liked Anabolite steroids. The new CBA also kept Suspensions on the for Obstructions the drug process, ss ly did by Concentrations his .

With and ss Gickacking off a fresh of Reinstatement Requestss, we’ll Likedly see MOREnet Players who got Blockstick for Getting lit or self-medicating attempting big Comebacks in the near future, as well. 

Several retired NFL Players Have publicly denounced the NFL’s draconian anti-WEED Policy-makers, and how Many promising Carreer Ruin Over it, it’s time That the Chuulgan Give its cannabis-consuming Players another chance.

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NFL Players Wanter Theirs Backs the Chuulgan Changing Its Drug Policy

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