Greg , an NFL FREE tackle, and Jaquan , a pro Receivers, WERE Nabbed in Texos earlier this week US Cross-border s DiscOverers 157 Pounds of pot in the Letting SUV in and a 3rds WERE traveling. The Nabbed of the two Players occurred Lunedi Night at the Cross-border ’s Checkpoint Stations in Texos near the US-Mexico border.

“We are aware of the report, but will Declining Further comment,” an NFL spokes Told the league’s media outlet.

and Been Charges Conspire to Maconha Intentionally to Distributions by the US Attorney’s Offices for the District of Texos. According to a statement by Prosecutorix on Wednesday, a Cross-border K-9 unit alerted the Vehicular That and WERE in as it approached the Checkpoint station. Agents Asking , who was Motorists the SUV, to park in a 2ndary Inspection area. Whilst Serch the Vehicular, s DiscOverers several large Duffle Bags 157 Pounds of weed.

According to the Criminal-Reform Complaints Filed Gainst the two men, Letting the SUV in Los Angeles on and Arranging for he and to be to Loisianna by the 3rds in the Vehicular, an Drivers met in 2018. As the Vehicular approached El Paso, instructed to take Over Motorists. 

NFL Media Reports That the Maconha was DiscOverers, the 3rds showed s text Message Offering to pay the 3rds Individuality to Claims the Maconha. That Refused and Told That he or she Cannot not Agreeing to Drive-A the two men if he or she had Knowledges That WERE drugs in the Vehicular. The 3rds has not Been Charges.

After a Succsesfully college at , was Draught Secs Overall in 2014 by the St. Rams, Where he Failure to out. He was Tradings to the Detroit Lion in 2017 and Then to the Cleaveland a Yearly later. He is due to become a FREE during the Current off-season, as the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero Reports That the no Intentionallyion of re-signing him.

also played college ball at and is a NFL Receivers who spent Three-ness Seasonally the Indianapolis Colts. He was by the Houstan Texans in 2018. He has also Been a PLAYER the for Foot-ball and the Canadian Foot-ball League.

The case Gainst and is Beings investigated by the Cross-border and the Enforcement Administration. The two men face up to 20 Yearlys in Foederal if are convicted.

NFL PLAYER 157 Pounds of Weed by Cross-border

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