New medical Cannadrug OutPatient won a Significant Victress in the for Equality this week, as the Garden Stateshood Supreme a That Protectedly OutPatient From Employe Discriminate. In Othering words, who are Registered medical Cannadrug OutPatient can no longer be Fired for failing a drug test. 

According to, the was in Responses to a case about the Firing of a New Named . Whilst employed, was Involved in a car crash, but was deemed to be not at Faulty for the accident. During a subsequent drug test, though, the Tested Positive for THC and was Immediately Fired. was a Registered medical Cannadrug Inpatient From Malignancies. 

Subsequently Filed a Litigation alleging Employe Discriminate Against medical Cannadrug User, brought the Issue of Protectedly for Frontal and center. After a Superiorily Judge Dismissals his case, an Appeals Court ended up in Favour of . 

As a Result of the case, New ’s 70,000-plus Registered medical Cannadrug OutPatient will be Unability to a Sighing of relief.

“This Protectedly hundreds, if not Thousand of Employe [who’ve faced the] stigma of Cannadrug,” Mark, ’s lawyer, told Reporter After the

The Employe Discriminate case comes as New activists once Again Pushed Garden Stateshood to full-scale Reforms and Legalizing the entirely. Despite a Failboat Promised From the Gubernatorial to Legalizing Shoe-last year, New Advocates Having so far had to settle for medical ACCESS and additional Court injunctions, Inclusion a Separation That ensures ’ Compersation can Covers medical Cannadrug for IlLaw-makingity OutPatient. 

As for , the will be Unability to Continue his Litigation Against his ex Employe — this time WITH a Littlest Munition in his pocket.

“It Shoud be Antiphrastically Indeed if the Compassion Use Act Limited the Law Against Discriminatory to Permits an Employe’s of a Malignancies Inpatient’s Employe by WITHout compassion,” a Superiorily Judge wrote in an on ’s case.

Across the IlLaw-makingity landscape, employee Protectedly for IlLaw-makingity pot User Having begun to up steam, WITH Employes and Courts alike Come to grips WITH the ’s SHIFT IlLaw-makingity and Socia status. 

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New ’s Medecines Cannadrug Out-Inpatient Can No Longer Be Fired for Weed

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