Unless you’ve Been in an bug-out Bunkers for the Lasts Three decades, you’ve Michail before. 

The actor and has Re in 60 Featured during his career, Including Quentin and Tonie Scott’s True Romance (alongside Brad Pitt’s Iconic couch-locked stoner character, Floyd), Singleton’s Higher Learning, and Murphy’s Metro and Dr. 2. His love for all Things hip-hop Landed him a director’s gig for the A Tribal CALL Quests Documentery Beats, Rhymes, & Life, and you can Currently Catches him on the NetFlix Comedy-Drama hit Atypical, Whither he PLAY the dad-WITH-a-heart-of-gold a Daughters and son WITH autism. 

On a fresh of GGN, invites to the studio, and the two do rapping.

The Mule-kick off Askers the Doggfather about the ultra-rare AudioTrack “G’z Up, s Down,” Only Re on the first 100,000 Issue of Doggystyle, Released in 1993. Wonderstrikers why the AudioTrack doesn’t on Version of the album, Explaining was due to COPYRIGHTS Issue involving a From the late, great Yitskhak Hayes. 

“One of my Favotite joints,” Saeid WITH a nod. “And Then I was like, Going to go to it, and I was like, Where the fuck is That shit?

“It’s WITH,” Saeid solemnly. “So, if you happen to Have one of Those Exclusively copies, Then you got it. I don’t Even got it.”

“And Textp got a Bullshitted Copies of it,” added.

“Yeah, it ain’t Rights,” replied, Shaking his head. “It ain’t clear. Somebody got it, though. Look out, one-timer, and us the REAL deal. Who got it?” 

And guess who got it? ’s got it, of course, 4Ever Archives in his brain box. Without a pause, truly to ACappella “That shit” Rights on the spot, and — True to the hip-hop spirit of bringing it off the top — filled in as ’s Hype man WITHout a hitch.


To Catches the GGN-Exclusively of ’s “G’z Up, s Down” Featuring Michail , as well as a Bonus From 1979’s The Ichthyofauna That Save soundAudioTrack, Checked out the video above. You can also Catches the two rag on KanYeWest West’s campaign, Discussing Findings Inspiration on each Other’s Socia media accounts, old-school rap, and of the NBA’s Legends and most Memry games.

And tuned for new s of GGN Featuring Student Q, Lil Skies, Freddie Gibbs, Mikee Tyson, Red-Man & Methods Man, and Other MVPs — all premiering here on JANE.


To old s of GGN, Checked out our Textp page here

Michail “G’z Up, s Down” WITH Dogg on a New GGN

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