Welcome back to MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month, a column where we’ll be highlighting the staff’s favorite cutting-edge products, innovations, and updates in the world of weed and beyond. We smoke a lot of pot here — and we’re always itching to try the latest and greatest stuff that fits under the 420 umbrella. 

The holidaze are here, and for this edition of our staff picks, we wanted to spotlight some of the awesome products that didn’t make it into our other end-of-year features, such as our futuristic dab guide, our psychonaut gift guide, and our list of the year’s most surreal pot products.

While it may be too late to grip this ganja gear in time for Christmas, there’s a good chance you forgot to get a lil something for your co-worker, or dogwalker, or even if your dealer (looking at you, East Coast readers!). So, for the perfect belated present — especially if the recipient is yourself! — we’ve got a sizzling list of some seriously special cannabis swag. 

From some infused truffle-flavored olive oil, to fancy fanleaf jewelry, these products will keep the holiday spirit alive… even after the 25th. Take a gander at the list below, and see y’all again once the Roaring ‘20s (Version 2.0) are officially in full swing. 

~ Love, the MERRY JANE fam


GOODWITCH’s Flying Ointment CBD Balm 

There’s a lot to be skeptical of in the CBD product space, especially since formal regulations are just starting to emerge. While it may be tough to distinguish the snake oil from the stand-outs, there are a handful of cannabidiol products that we at MERRY JANE proudly get behind. One of them is the Flying Ointment CBD balm from NYC’s GOODWITCH. 

In case you missed our recent interview with the brand’s founder, GOODWITCH is an interdisciplinary project that seeks to create a new language and visual vernacular around self-care through “simple sensory experiences” and plant-based medicine. This materializes in the form of multimedia events such as GW’s recent “Water Meal,” which featured a five-course synesthetic dinner, accompanied by a guided scent meditation and other titillating qualities. And the brand’s products are just as nuanced as their left-of-center parties. 

The Flying Ointment seeks to address “both the sensory and conscious experience of pain,” meaning the psychological as well as physiological effects. Each 100ml jar contains 600mg of lab-tested, full-spectrum CBD that’s mixed with “carefully foraged and organically grown plants” from small local farms in New York, including birch bark, teasel root, arnica flower, frankincense resin, flower essences, and more. And there’s no essential oils, which can generally be sus. 

“Beyond what’s in the jar, it’s about helping people become more aware of and trusting in their own body experiences — to feel more empowered in taking care of themselves as they see fit,” explains Remy, the founder of GOODWITCH. 

For more on GOODWITCH, peep our interview with the founder and visit their website

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


The PussyWeed Party Pack 

Looking for some chill stocking stuffers that can be shipped anywhere in the country? Say no more! Our pals at PussyWeed have you covered. 

The lifestyle brand, which aims to “destigmatize womxn in cannabis, as well as advocating for an end to the War on Drugs,” has compiled a cannabis party pack for the stylish smoker. After all, why mix and match your ephemera gifts when you can get ‘em all in one cohesive, curated swoop? 

The PussyWeed™Kit includes the following gems: 

– Custom red “Doob O’Clock” golf pencil for all your “packing” needs
– Hand perforated filter composition booklet
– Black or White 3D PussyWeed™rolling papers
– Signature “Burn The Stigma” matchbooks
– Locally printed black canvas pouch to fit all your essentials

Best part, the whole lot is just $20. Why get someone a bottle of wine or a dubsack when you can get them this bud-friendly bag that will last many, many smoke seshss? 

For more on PussyWeed, visit their website here

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


Binske’s Limited Edition Infused Truffle Olive Oil 

For the epicurean cannabis enthusiast, try Binske’s inimitable cannabis-infused extra virgin olive oil. No matter what you’re cookin’ up, this product will heightened the meal and blow the mind of anyone who thinks edibles only come in the form of sweets. 

Designed with foodies, winter sports lovers, and “cannabists” in mind, the savory tincture will dramatically evolve your infusion game with just a few squeezes of an eye dropper. And with five unique flavor variations — Extra Virgin, Truffle, Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary — Binske is compatible with essentially any dish you wish to create. 

While the Limited Edition Truffle flavor is only available in Colorado, this one is worth going out of your way for. Bone apple teeth!

Visit Binske.com for more on their incredible, infused products

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


Lobo’s Blunt of the Month Club

Lobo Cannagar makes mean, green stogies that don’t contain any tobacco. Billed as the “nation’s premium blunt brand,” the company is now rolling out its Blunt of the Month Club for serious smokers across the Golden State. 

What perks to club members get? For $350, you get a full ounce of weed spread across 10 cannabis cigars that you get to pick yourself. Each blunt contains just shy of three grams of top-shelf bud, infused with FOCUS Concentrates live resin, all rolled up using hemp wrappers and a glass tip. And yes, you can strain select, including flower from famed cultivators like Alien Labs and Pistil Point. 

And for those outside of California, you can still give the gift of Lobo — the company is currently offering a box of Lobo Hemp Presidente’s (packed full of CBD flower) that can be delivered anywhere in the US. For the classy toker, chomping down on a giant green cigar will deliver the message that you’re a pothead and a boss. 

For more on Lobo, visit the company’s website here

~ Loyal Roy Reefer


Puffco Peak

Dabbing doesn’t have to look like you’re freebasing. In fact, in 2019, it can look as classy as sipping Veuve Clicquot out of Reidel champagne flutes, especially if you’re using a Puffco Peak. This volcano-shaped vapor rig brings out the best in concentrates, while offering serious style and user friendliness. Whether you’re smoking hash, rosin, budder, or wax, the Peak will give you a crystalline expression of a product’s flavor profile.

In the same way Bordeaux wine glasses are designed to enhance the experience and depth of Bordeaux wine, this high-tech rig is intended to do the same for quality concentrates. It highlights rich terpene flavors and reveals flavor depth that otherwise might be burned away. The Peak nurtures terps at the perfect temperature, showcasing their effervescence in a way an archaic dab rig could never.

In fact, I used to never enjoy smoking extracts. I always felt they got me too high or scorched my throat and lungs. But once I got a Puffco Peak, I understood that traditional rigs are the reason I previously hated dabbing; it had nothing to do with concentrates themselves. Now, I want to dab before I shower, feed the cat, grocery shop, go to the DMV — whatever. I get it now, thanks to Puffco. 

The Peak also comes in rainbow unicorn colors, which undoubtedly heightens the psychedelic experience. Who doesn’t want that? Do your concentrates-loving friends a favor and gift them the art of the dab. 

For more on the Puffco Peak, visit the company’s website here

~ Indigo Kelly


Sundae Driver by Live Resin Project

While Puffco successfully guided me into the world of dabbing, the Live Resin Project’s Sundae Driver budder turned me on to concentrates in a big way. It’s out of this world. Every hit is dripping in wild terpene-rich flavors, starting with a fruit-forward assault of citrus (or limonene) before shifting into juicy notes of earthy forest floor and lavender. The bouquet is diverse and magnificent. Once you’ve tasted the nectar, it’s impossible not to get lost in a kaleidoscope of aromatic bliss. 

I’m obsessed with the next-level extracts offered by LRP. Just like how a sommelier revels in the complexity of a fine wine — and can break down flavor profiles with the precision of a poet — LRP is taking a similar approach to extracts. Their products yield such clean, consistent highs, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least try their offerings for yourself before gifting their extracts to a friend. 

So, don’t pass it up. Get Sundae Driver for your pothead pals with a refined palette. Get an LRP extract for your family. Hell, grip as many as you can and hand them out to strangers. The world needs kinder (and higher) people. Spread the love with this excellent concentrate from a killer brand. 

For more on the Live Resin Project, visit the company’s website here

~ Indigo Kelly


Nashira Jewelry

I love weed. You also probably love weed. But most of the jewelry that utilizes the majestic fanleaf looks like something only platinum-selling rappers are allowed to wear — until now that is. 

Nashira jewelry offers the most elegant weed accessories west of the Mississippi. We know this because we’ve been on a perpetual hunt for pot leaf earrings that are classy enough to wear while interviewing politicians and meeting stone cold sober in-laws, but also representative of our dope culture. You know, a middle ground where if you’re a stoner and you see the earrings, you instantly know you’re in like-minded company.

Nashira Jewelry offers exactly that. And they don’t just have earrings either. There’s all kinds of rings, necklaces, hoop earrings, and studs. The brand even offers full spectrum CBD tincture, too. 

Weed has never been so classy. It’s never looked this good. Why not give a gift that will properly represent weed’s beauty this holiday season?

For more on Nashira, visit the company’s website here

~ Indigo Kelly


Tinley’s Flying Mule Cannabis Cocktail

Weed-infused beer isn’t new, but to date, there hasn’t been a Moscow Mule cocktail loaded with THC. Tinley fixed that with its new Flying Mule cocktails, which come in four-packs with 10mg of THC in each bottle. 

But what’s a Moscow Mule, I hear some of you cannabis devotees ask? It’s a drink made with vodka (of course), spicy ginger beer, and a splash of lime juice. And if you’re curious about where the THC in the Flying Mule comes from, it’s extracted from Pineapple Jack, a sativa strain purported to give uplifting, euphoric effects. 

Best of all: The Flying Mule tastes like a crisp, freshly mixed Moscow Mule, minus the alcohol. There’s not even a hint of cannabis when it hits the tongue or as an aftertaste, so bottoms up, comrades!

Tinley’s Flying Mule Cannabis Cocktail comes in at $24 a pack. That’s only $6 per bottle, which is a pretty decent price point for a weeded beverage.

For more on Tinley, visit the company’s website here

~ Dominic Swain



Every toker accepts that, at some point, their glass accoutrements will break. That’s just physics and fate. While we usually experience these tragic moments after dropping a pipe or kicking over a bong, the glass stems that go into our bongs and rigs are just as susceptible to entropy as anything else.

That’s when Invicibowl comes to the rescue.

The Invincibowl is a bong stem made from stainless steel and anodized aluminium. That means it will remain perfectly intact even if you get clumsy and drop it while trying to pass it off to your half-conscious roommate. Its engineering ensures it only gets as hot as the typical glass or quartz stem, so it’ll never get so hot that it melts your glass piece.

Additionally, the Invincibowl comes equipped to insert the company’s proprietary screens, if you prefer screens in your bong stems. The “Secure Screen” tech keeps their stainless steel screens locked into the stem, so you can dump out a cashed bowl by simply tipping the stem into an ashtray; the screen will remain in place. And since it’s a stainless steel screen, it won’t readily dissolve into red-hot bits like brass ones do. 

Secure Screens were also designed to trap carbon particles from ending up in your bong water — preventing those little free-radical buggers from getting into your lungs. But you don’t have to fork out extra cash for Invicibowl’s Secure Screens, either, since the stem is compatible with any of the appropriately-sized screens you already have on-hand. You can nab an Invincibowl for just $30, and a 25-pack of screens go for $10.

For more on Invincibowl, visit the company’s website here

~ Dominic Swain


Purple Rose Supply’s Cannagar Mold Kit 

The best way to flaunt one’s Boss Dogg status is by rolling and blazing a fat blunt. They look slick AF, they hold a ton of weed, and they burn much, much slower than the average joint, so you can stretch that social smoke sesh by leagues, homie.

But the common blunt is usually wrapped with cigar paper, which is made from tobacco leaves. Since many cannabis consumers avoid tobacco for health reasons, it makes sense that today’s blunts ought to be rolled with another type of leaf: Cannabis.

Purple Rose Supply’s Cannagar Mold Kit not only provides a cannabis-leaf wrap shell for your cannabis cigar, it also comes with the tools you need to make what is, essentially, a DIY Thai stick. Pack the weed into the compression mold around a bamboo skewer (also included), slip it into the shell, and you’ve got one of the dopest, most pristine blunts ever devised by ancient potheads.

Purple Rose Supply’s Cannagar Kit comes with a wrap made from hemp, so you can have it delivered to any state where hemp is permitted. Light it up, take a puff, and keep passing it all day long! 

The Small kits ($44 a pop) can pack an eighth to a quarter of weed into a single cannagar. The Large kits ($49 a pop) can produce cannagars holding up to a whopping half-ounce of primo flower. You can also purchase individual cannabis-leaf shells through Purple Rose Supply’s website for $18 to $25, depending on the wrap’s size.

Visit Purple Rose Supply’s website here for more on the company

~ Dominic Swain

MERRY JANE’s Goods of the Month: Weed Treats for the Holidaze and Beyond

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