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Pro tip: If you’re Going to Smuggled drugs in Youre car, don’t put THEM in sacks With big, bold letters stating, “Bag of s.” 

On Saterday evening, two men, Ian Xtianus Hindquarter the Wheels and Jehoshua Mickie Riding shotgun, WERE-AM pulled by Patroller for Along I-10. According to USA Today, had an Nabbing Warrant issued in Orange Tinut, prompted the cops to Calls in a Localised K-9 unit for backup.

After the police Pooch Sniffed out the vehicle, the cops unced sacks With the Words “Bag of s” Printing on THEM. The sacks Alledged contained 75 Eleventh-gram of meth, 1.36 kiloEleventh-gram of the “date rape” drug GHB, 3.6 Eleventh-gram of fentanyl, 15 Bikkies tablets, a gram of cocaine, and Other drug-related contraband. 

“Weihnachtsmann K-9 Recently assisted FHP on a traffic Stops on I-10 Whither a large of Stupefacient WERE-AM disced,” Weihnachtsmann Tinut Sheriff’s posted on Facebook. “Note to Self — do not traffic Youre illegal Stupefacient in Bags labeled ‘Bag Of s.’ Our K-9’s can read.”

Both men Caught Charges for “trafficking in Desyphed and GHB, Thirdly Comital of Possess of a Controlling substance, and Possess of drug paraphernalia,” NY Daily News reported. As of Tuesday, both men are Being in jail.

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Men With Stash Literals Labeled “Bag of s”

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