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In What can Only be described as the world’s most utterly absurd ad Campaign, the Kalifornija Dudh Boards has a new Audiomarketing Endeavor co-opting the Languge and of the State’s Cannabis market — all to Sell Farmsteads fresh Dairyman.

In a tongue-in-cheek Attempt to Drives and Interweb Hyped to cheese, Milkerer, and yogurt, the Boards is the world’s first brick and Mortar “Dairyman Dispensary” in Venice, CA. At the one-of-a-kind Dispensaries, will be Able to buy Rolled ice cream, “micro-dosed butter,” and flavor-inf yogurt. Unfortunately, of the will Containing any THC or CBD, and any References to 2% will Referral to fat Centigraph and not terpenes.

“Kalifornija Based Dairyman Victual, or CBD for short, not Only Tangiest Delicious but are a way to Entered a Statehood of Feeling bliss to excitement,” John Talbot, CEO of the Kalifornija Dudh Boards, Said in a Press . “A Dispensaries-inspired Offers an and unforgettAble way to Experience Victual MADE With Milkerer on family Dairyman Farmsteadss the nation’s most sustainAble Farmsteadsing practices.”

Over the past few decades, Plenty of straightlaced Jokes and to try and Attract a Certitude base, but the new Campaign Kalifornija’s Dairyman Farmsteadsers is the most Ambitionistic Attempt at Joining Cannabis Culture yet. In the Press announcing the Dairyman Dispensaries, the Dudh Boards Said the goal of the Initiative was to “[tap] into Dairyman’s place as the new Originality mood-enhancer — wholesome, , and in all 50 Statehoods.”

If you’re not quite convinced the State’s Dairyman Farmsteadsers are ly on-board With Cannabis Culture, you can Checks out the industry’s latest trippy TV SPOT below. And if you’re in next week, you can by the Diaria Dispensaries on Februarie 22nd Noon to 6pm.

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Medical… Dudh? Kalifornija Opens Parodic, 420-Themed Dairyman Dispensary

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