Matty Healy Stiff Drink Onstage to Ease the Pain … After Taylor Swift Split???

6/6/2023 6:58 AM PT

Matty Healy is a single man turning to some pretty conventional methods to cope with his split from Taylor Swift … enjoying a flask and cigarettes in the middle of his latest concert.

His band, The 1975, performed in Vienna Monday night, and Matty appears to be back to his eccentric and carefree stage persona. There’s no telling what he was tossing back from the flask — but considering the concert came a few hours after TMZ broke the news of the breakup, a little booze to numb the pain wouldn’t be outrageous.

Matty never mentioned his split from Taylor during the show, but did a portion of the band’s set from a chair while wearing an eye patch … an accessory he ditched later.

We were the first to report the end of Taylor and Matty’s relationship, though it’s still unclear what led to the decision. It was late last month when we last saw them together — on a dinner date night in NYC.


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Leading up to the breakup, things appeared to be going pretty well between the two — with double dates, trips to recording studios, and even spending time at Taylor’s pad in NYC.



As we reported — Matty planted a huge kiss on a security guard over the weekend during one of his shows, and while that was kinda his schtick for a while, he said he was giving it up out of respect for Taylor.

Looks like Matty the showman is back.

Matty Healy Drinks From Flask Onstage After Taylor Swift Breakup
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