Lil Baby James Harden & I Are Both Snipers … We Shoot at Your Girl From Deep!!!

2/6/2023 10:08 AM PT

Lil Baby‘s bond with James Harden can’t be broken … and it’s because they both have amazing eagle eyes when it comes to the girls on the scene.

We caught Baby leaving Nightingale in West Hollywood on Sunday night, fresh off of his contribution to the Grammys 50th anniversary hip hop tribute … and he tells us he and The Beard are both “snipers” — in other words, they can spot a fine woman a mile away!!!

Baby and James have been baller-blockin’ for years together … never letting silly things like the NBA schedule block their stunting.

MARCH 2022

Back in December, James totally ignored a 29-point loss to his old Nets team to celebrate Baby’s friend’s birthday in Houston, with Travis Scott in tow … and who can forget Baby’s 2020 bash where James dropped $300K on the “Yes Indeed” rapper … in addition to mounds of honey buns, his favorite snack.


These guys have unlimited ammo … better keep your girl close!!!

Lil Baby Says His James Harden Friendship Is Based On Sniping
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