Lady Gaga Pops Up In L.A. Bar To Hang With Friends … Puts On A Little Show

5/26/2023 12:55 AM PT

Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance at an L.A. bar recently, looking ever the stunning starlet she is and putting on a performance for the patrons.

Check out the video, obtained by TMZ, which shows Gaga sporting a chic dress, stylish black coat and 10-inch platform heels while hanging out with friends at a table at Laurel Tavern in Studio City.

We’re told the iconic singer/actress seemed happy and relaxed as she chilled with her group of gals, chatting and yukking it up with them.

Our sources say Gaga’s security team was stationed around the saloon, keeping a close eye on her … sure nobody bothered her.

After a few hours, Gaga decided it was time to exit so she got up from the table and started hugging her girls while saying goodbye for the night.

That’s when she also got into full Gaga mode and started dancing to a song playing over the bar’s speakers.

In the clip, Gaga does a few moves for the crowd, who cheer her on, shouting, “Get it, girl” and “We love you, Gaga.”

Gaga then left the joint.

Lady Gaga Makes Surprise Appearance at L.A. Bar
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