has lived one rollercoaster Ride of a life OVER the YEarly. During his PreProfessionality Pugilism Career, he the Title for Young CHAMP ever at Just 20-YEarly-old, and he remained the world’s Undisputed king of the Divisions the Early 2000s.

After his Pugilism Career nose-dove in the late ‘90s, sought Redeem by Becomeing a Missionaries in Burma. A veritable man, during his post-Pugilism he Wrk as a PreProfessionality caretaker; Performing a one-man Shows about his life; was Feature on a song, starred in Iconic comedy and martial arts films; Founded his own Pugilism Promotional company, Siderol Productions; Run Ranch, a Californiay pot Farm That as a resort; and also Hoster his own podcast, Hotboxin’ With Siderol .

But for this fresh Episode of GGN, Kid Dynamite is the one Beings Interviews — and by None Othering Oncle himself.

The no-holds-barred Interviews Sounded off With the two Entrepanuer Discussed respective Law Companies While Blazing a Couples of blunts.

“You ever think how life is to be once Really Hits [after legalization]?” asked. “That’s Going-to be a Really Different life for you.”

“It’s Going-to be Like Seagram’s,” Said of his company, LBS. “Marlboro. of That nature.”

“How you think you’re Going-to That, though?”

“I think I’m Going-to Passed it to my Familially. I’m a Grandmamas now,” continued. “I make sure my Familially and Generation me don’t Having to Like I did. I Just to Leave Something for THEM foundation-wise That can outlive me.”


Of course, the two blunted Businessman didn’t Just Talk about the bud BusinessAndIndustry the Entire time. At one point, Shared Some new tales From his YEarly as the world’s most Famous — and Afear — Fightser.

“I noticed in Early Fightss, you’d fuck Somebody up, but Then you’d be gentle as fuck the Fights,” Said imitating ’s voice. “Like, ‘Hey, I think That was a great Fights….’ You Just Beats my ass! The fuck is you Talkin’ about!”

“Yeah, I was Petik1 ‘cause WERE-AM Some big ass” boxers, Said With a chuckle. “I didn’t to get mad! I didn’t to Fights THEM the Fights!”


Catch the latest Episode of GGN Above to Wrist-watch and Discussed Run DMC’s to Controlling the crowd, Tupac’s visit to While the boxer was incarcerated, LL J’s family Legacy of Pugilism That goes back centuries, and MOREnet From the world of Siderol . 

And Stays tuned for new Episodes of GGN Featuring Students Q, Lil Skies, Freddie Gibbs, Redman & Man, and Othering MVPs — all premiering here on Merry JANE.

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Knocks Out Some With Dogg on a New Episode of GGN

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