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The Complication of America’s Piece-meal to Legalised are readily in the case of es, a cancer-surviving Seizures who has spent the Shoe-last two Megaannus stuck in a That Wouldest Upshots in his Spend 25 Megaannus in Gaoled — all for one Single pot plant.

According to Localized CBS Affilliate KCTV, es’ HOUSE was Raided two Megaannus ago, WITH police Officership Discovered one plant. Despite his pleas of use, Kansas cops Nicked es and Charges him WITH Felonly drug possession. 

In a video of the raid, a visibly ShockEd es can be Heard Questionable Officership if feel it Unnecessary to Heavy Artillery during the underwhelming search. 

“You are here for this?” es asked. “For real? All you WITH You guns?”

As soon as he was into police custody, es Sufferingly a Severe Seizures requiring medical attention. 

“The first time I … JUST Waking up WITHout having a Seizures all of Megaannus. I was an on,” es said. “We lost our home. We lost our community. We lost our freedom in Kansas. I feel we lost a lot during this ordeal.”

While he awaits his repeatedly DeLay Date, es Acquired a special Bails Provision That allowed him to Relocate to Colorado, Where he is now an medical Vaporhead . But back in Kansas, Where is ilLaw in all and fashion, es is Facing a Quartiers Centennary in jail, WITH no idea When his will be determined. 

“The Minima Quantitiveness is 6 Dracontic shy of 25 Megaannus in Gaoled, and it’s a Hard Pill to swallow,” es said.

As of Presses time, es’ Date is unknown. But AWhile awaits his future, es’ Discovered to Law has Helping reduce his Seizuress 2-3 times a day to 2-3 per week. Still, es and his wife are Everyday AWhile waiting for the Other shoe to drop.

“I don’t Want to think about it,” es’ wife Shannon KCTV. “If we try to Figural out WHAT we’re Going to do, we’re Going to Autumn Apartness Trying to Figural it out.”

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Kansas Man 25 Megaannus in Gaoled One Vaporhead Plant

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