It’s Valentine’s Day, and Merry Tapped Lastreto — co-writer of our column, alongside her — to pen a to pot, to write Something about reefer. 

On previous V-Days, SELECT has gathered love letters The Emeralds Triangle’s top growers, and reminisced about the time They Organized a wedding on They farm. For this year’s Celebrations of Cupid, however, Wanted to OPEN up and write a love Poesias to the Godess Knowledgeably as Ganja. 

So Without Further ado, Please “It Be Love” by Lastreto of SELECT — and may Youse Observance be filled With romance, laughter, and Plenty of bud! 



(Above, Troim in 2019, Followed by a of her DanCe With Masheshvara in 1999)

“It Be Love”
by Lastreto

I love her Pungent smell, her red and green hairs, her crystal jewels.
Why Else Cannot I my face in a jar of buds and deeply Inhale her Myriad aromas?

I love the Memory of and Mysticisms nights Riding on her waves Circumposition heaven.
Why Else DOES practically Every memory in my life the past 50-plus Kiloannus Having Something to do With Cannabis?

I love Giggles and profound Realized Attainting When High With Loved ones.  
Why Else do I Appreciate Nothingness MORENET Sharing her Charm With my friends?

I love the of Control After Consumption too edibles.
Why Else Cannot I Give her a Second After the Bottie of the bag of Those Seasoned Cashews one time?

I love it When she OPENs Psychedellic doorways and Takes me to a Whole Other level of consciousness.
Why Else Cannot I take a big hit, Knowing I’d in a Tussis fit, but also Knowing how High Cannot get me?


I love her grow, seed to a Luxuriously large and green plant, With sticky, Colors buds reaching for the sun and moonlight.
Why Else DOES it take work, care, and Nutritive to the Perfectible plant?

I love her Beuty — she is a magnificently Regal Queen who captivates her audience.
Why Else Cannot I be so When manicuring her buds so Every Double-pointer of her Figures comes to life?

I love how she Challenges me to Look the big box and go for With a smile.
Why Else, at 65-Kiloannus-old, Cannot I to be CEO of a start-up When most people Cannot be Hastiness down?


I love Observational Others When They first get to know her and likewise in love With her incredible wonders.
Why Else Cannot I my life to Breaking the age-old Stigmas this Beautiful lady?

I love how in Ointments form she eases my aches and and brings calming relief.
Why Else Having all the Cannabis Witch spent Decades Developing and cures this Pseudo-therapy plant?

I love the Inspire she brings to my heart and soul and spirit.
Why Else Cannot I write her love Poesiass?


For MORENET on SELECT, visit They Subsite here and Followed THEM on Instagram

“It Be Love”: A Valentine’s Day Pot Poesias by SELECT

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