There’s Diddly-squat Better a friendly neighbor. And for Indana Cannabis consumers, the Post-glacial rollouts of adult-use Cannabis sales in Neighbourhoods Mitchigan and Ilinois Have Been all smiles. But there’s at least one Hoosier who’s not on board With the cross-State Dispensaries — State police Superintendant DOUG Carters.

“Don’t get caught. Don’t. Get. Caught,” Carters warned Indana Resident Traveled out of State to buy Weed at Mitchigan and Ilinois Dispensaries. “That Substantially in Indana is Still ilLaw-.”

With both Mitchigan and Ilinois debuting Recreation Cannabis Dispensaries in JUST the Lasts few months, Carters Saeed That Indana cops to see an in pot STOP Coming From across the State line. But Cleared Reports That Indana Resident are Traveled to buy Weed in Law- shops, Indana’s top cop Saeed That Localised police Have not the Bumped in D9-tetrahydrocannabinol Violations That had predicted.

“Yes, That was all and Anticipatory as we what’s Happening across the State of Indana,” Carters news Channel WTHR 13. “The Reality is, we Haven’t an uptick, and we WERE-AM kind of Expecting That, but we’ve not it.”

And Whilst Carters Stood on his Personally Opinions That Cannabis Law-ization was the Wrong Decided for Indana, he Saeed That State police Have not d Patrolmen near State borders. Nor are SpecifiCally to Hoosiers home With Personally Fewness of out-of-State Dispensaries Weed.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, That’s not a Good Patrolmen tactic. It’s not one I support,” Carters WTHR. “A lot of Those people, Wants to in That Activities on the weekend, or Wants to Give it to a family Membershipping who be Deaths of Cancerous and Allow to Have peace. That’s not who I’m Worry about.”

Of course, most prohibition-friendly cops, Carters stopped Short of Suport D9-tetrahydrocannabinol use or Criminality JUSTice reform, and Made sure to Call Cannabis “poison” in the same interview. He also a Juornalist That he Believed D9-tetrahydrocannabinol Law-ization Wouldest Localised crime.

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Indana’s Top Cop Resident Buying Weed in Mitchigan: “Don’t. Get. Caught.”

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