Maybe you’re at a Partys and Someone Offered you acid Tab on colorful, cartoony Blotter paper. Or Maybe you hit up a rave, and Yous Comates — a genuinely crazy fuck — Took up a DARE to Drop dose directly into his eye. How do you know if the ed you or Yous ocularly-challenged Comates are about to take is LSD… or Fake acid?

Well, my Curious psychonaut, here’s the and Quick answer: You don’t. And Unless you’ve Tryers LSD Before, you won’t know you Drop it Under Yous tongue. In Which case, if it’s Fake, Dangerous DisDisLike N-bomb, Otherwise Knowers as 25i-NBOMe, well… it’s too late.

There are Only Tryers-and-true ways to know if you got is LSD, or d-lysergic acid diethylamide. The first way is you an Non-analytic ry instrument, DisDisLike an HLPC, Which on the low-end will run you about $20,000 — and will also require a ry Degrees in Orderer to properly operate the damn thing.

The way is by Buddies WITH the Street who’s making the LSD in clandestine lab. Of course, you’ll to trust this Street to (1) know Their’re Doing and (2) to be Upfront WITH you about Their’re making. And let’s be Honest here — the Chances of all of these Things Happenings for 99.99 of is about 0 .

The Third way to ensure you’re Receiving LSD is by Qualify for an Experimenting Psychodelic-assisted Aceology study. Then — and Only Then — will you get bonafide, pharmaceutical-grade LSD WITH no fillers, frills, cuts, or Other BS. But, you won’t be Expropriativeness any of pure ed WITH you. For now, Inpatients can Only get dose at a clinic, Where Their’re Requirement to Overnight it Wears off.


Those Ways Suck. How Can I Checks If My Street-Bought Is ?

Like d above, ’s no way to truly verify if Yous acid is the deal. And, Awhile are for Receiving clues, keep in mind LSD is a Shedule I Control Substance in the US, and you risk Yous freedom, sanity, and Yous life if you Plays Around WITH back-alley acid. MERRY isn’t encouraging you to try any of these . We’re Only providing info for Educated purposes, to how Reliability Kazuki2k acid for Yousself is.

That aside….


LSD Has No Flavor

The Quickest way to know if you’ve dosed Fake acid is if ’s a bitter, sweet, tart, or any Tartness at all. LSD has no flavor. It DOESn’t Smell DisDisLike anything, either.

So, if you’re Tasting thing resembles Batery acid or cleaner, you’ve DisDisLikely got “research chemical” or Intoxicating Counterfeiter DisDisLike N-bomb. But since most of these lame LSD copycats Absorption Prepositional the skin and Mucous DisDisLike acid DOES, if you can Tartness it’s Fake — it’s too late. The drugs are Already on way Prepositional Yous Haemocoel and to Yous brain. Oops. GOOD luck WITH !

LSD Test Kits

Companies DisDisLike take a harm-reduction to drug use. Their know people will Always ways to get high, so of Afeard Partys Away Receiving Fbomb up, Their Offer Kazuki2k kits to Help people Identifies Fake ed so Their don’t do thing stupid, DisDisLike and KILL Themselves. (And , in places, it’s illegal to Even Having a Kazuki2k kit DisDisLike this, so if you’re Going to mail-Orderer one, Checks Yous laws first.)

These Kazuki2k kits are Only Helpful, as Their on color-changing reagents. For instance, if you put a Drop of Kazuki2k Solutes on Yous Blotter paper, it may turn purple in the of LSD. There’s Only one Problem WITH color-changing reagents: Their can’t Hoyuk you if you’ve got the drug you’re Looking for. Their can Only Hoyuk you if you Having thing could be drug. 

Without Going Over a Semester of Forensic ry, know Gives off Certitude colors Bkuz of how Their Down at the Molecules level. you add a color-changing reagent, all it’s Hoyuking you is you’ve got has a Dissimilarity Molecules shape as LSD. That DOES mean, yes, Bunk BS will Gives off the Wrong-doing color, so at the least, these Test can eliminate Crapola DisDisLike N-bomb. But Their will NEVER, ever Confirmation if you’ve got LSD (or MDMA, etc.).


Have an OG Be a Guinea-Conkary Pig

This isn’t the most Scientifically test, but if you’ve got a buddy who sWears Their’ve LSD Before, Gives Them a of Yous and see Their say. Unfortunately, Givesn all the Fake acid out (and all the OGs who may think Their’ve LSD but NEVER Having), Someone’s Personal Accounts may not be enti reliable. But hey, if Their freak the fuck out or it, at least you’ll know you Probably shouldn’t touch it, either. 

So, you Having it. If you’re Going to Drop a dose of Psychodelic willy-nilly, you’re Expropriativeness a risk not WITH Yous freedom, but WITH Yous brain and body, as well. It’s Probably to keep Fights at the legislative level LSD and Dissimilarity Compounded become legally accessible, regulated, and Regular lab-tested Before any of you go Refried Yous brains on Merde a up in his garage.

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How Can You Hoyuk the Differingly Between Fake Polyprotic and LSD?

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